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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Good CO, Feb 9, 2007.

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  1. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    I have the feeling that I have been dipping our communal toe in SL here and am not really 'doing it' or otherwise. Lack of time hasn't helped.

    What it has done is given many of us a taste SL, and of ARRSE in SL. As noted elsewhere our small island is obviously little more than a meeting place at the moment, all be it a very gucci one thanks to the efforts of Minxy, Nehustan, Boney and others.

    Grander ideas really require more land. This came home to me when I tried the ARRSE island skydiving - somewhat limited over something the size of Imber village. Should we push ahead and buy another large chunk of land - giving the island x 5? The land would not support big builds but could be used for fighting, racing, sky diving etc.

    (Price would the same as another full island - so bill would be current x 2)

    Any thoughts from the enthusiastic, not so enthusiastic or completely uninterested gratefully received, although please only from those who've actually given it a go.

    PS - I am still hoping to get this hosted in the UK soonish so that the lag problem is removed.
  2. the space would be great - however it would need quite detailed planning and management. Room for a combat sim about the size of the current island would be good, along with a planned road system with associated building plots. Loads of potential, although i do worry about the bills. For the island to pay for itself, outside interested is needed. SL players will have to want to come to the island and spend linden, some good ideas will be needed to make that happen.
  3. Any chance we could start advertising the Island within SL?

    I have it as a 'interest' on my profile, but currently it has no picture and no info on the Island.

    Some of the current users are looking into live streaming of music into the NAAFI, which appears to be a big 'thing' on SL.

    GCO - I think the Covenant on the land is a little harsh for an area designated 'mature' and people do tend to read that as well.

    I think you are going to have to decide whether it is a mature OR PG, if its kept as mature it really is going to have to reflect that a little more if we are to compete with any other Island.
  4. Combat SIM would be a good idea.

    As was pointed out at present its just used as a meet and greet before we all tear off doing our own thing - there is nothing of interest to keep anyone on the Island.

    We really are going to have to make an effort to bring people back, so at least that way they know where it is, and invite more members into the group OR create another group RnR Island maybe for those that arent on ARRSE, that way anything planned in the future can be passed out as a 'group notice' means possibly doubling up on group membership, i.e those that are ARRSERS also join the new group! (I know what I mean) LMAO

    Er..thats bring people back to be friendly and introduce them, not shoot them and send them off the Island :D (that trout isnt included in the being friendly Sniper, tsk...I WAS BEING FRIENDLY) lololol
  5. I looked into this 'second life' thingy yesterday and even registered. I got issued with a chainmail shirt buckshee for some reason then pushed a key by mistake and confused myself until mrs driver called up on the intercom that grub was up. Is there an 'old farts' bit for 'old farts?
  6. I have to agree with Minxy that the Covenant is over the top and it does ruin our sharking activities a tad. I only read it after Minx told me that one of my guests was being a tad boorish - in which event we do have the option of setting them on fire and beating them with cricket bats.

    Increasing the size is definitely a way forward but we need to go out after lights-out and bring home girls (German dockers) without all the parental control.
  7. setting them on fire and beating them with cricket bats??? Flip sake and you had the cheek to tell ME to play nicely!!!