Feds running scared? - Mod to weed out those downgraded

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Haymaker, Sep 13, 2009.

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  1. Hilarious - The MOD thinks it will be able to "create space" for more fit soldiers by releasing those who are downgraded. I think, the criteria will be that specific, of the 15% of the military that is downgraded, only a very small percentage of that will actually end up getting the boot. It makes me laugh......still, it will be great to see the Feds at PT monday morning.
  2. Feds?
  3. RMP SIB.....
  4. We have already discharged 498 this week alone!
  5. What a totally pointless thread!

  6. YAWNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. SIB RMP!!!

  8. You'll find that both ways are correct...and that my reference is correct in this instance. Let me know when you have found out why.
  9. You don't want the SIB chucked out of the Army as you might get somebody who really knows how to do the job in their place.
  10. u nicked me name lol
  11. Sorry mate, if it p*sses you off I'll sign out and re-register with another name.
  12. fill your boots..use and abuse it to your hearts content you can never have enough range stew!!!
  13. Yeah but there's range stew and there's range-stew....
  14. Forgot all about this - so now we have the Army Recovery Capability, you heard it here first folks(7 months ago!)
  15. AGC(RMP) - General Police Duty (GPD) & Special Investigation Branch (SIB) are employments within!! :rmp: