Federal agents arrest mongols in the US

It seems that our Trans Atlantic cousins have decided to take a hard line against mongols in the US as Federal agents arrested more than 60 of them yesterday.

After a three year long investigation, during which some Federal agents including four female ATF agents went undercover, dozens of mongols were arrested in six states.

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Their top ATF Undercover Agent went in driving a Walls Ice Cream van, he got all the gen he wanted for a dozen strawberry Mivies and an Ice cream sandwich.
He made his escape by leaving the vans PA on playing 'Greensleeves' on a continuous loop causing the Mongs to caper wildly, lick the windscreen and MLLLllaarrr themselves into a tiswas.

A fine example of feckwits choosing an apt name for their 'Club'.
I guess their security isn't as good as the Angels.
Pitswamper said:
stacker1 said:
I guess their security isn't as good as the Angels.
We're not talking about members of MENSA here.
Well, quite. Most of them ride Hardly Abelsons FFS!

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