Fed up with UK companies not dealing with BFPO addresses

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Maj._Hadeed, Sep 27, 2011.

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  1. One of my mates is serving abroad and is fed up with UK companies refusing to deal with BFPO addresses.

    He has started an e-petition at

    Outlaw discrimination against the armed forces - e-petitions

    If you've got the time, please sign it.

    by the way, you have to give a uk address, as it doesn't like you putting BFPO
  2. It was in ether Soldier Magazine or the AFF magazine a few mnths ago about the post office and BFPO working together to sort out a post code system to allow us to use these comapanies and also normal things like UK banks etc.
  3. It needs doing. Many companies won't post to a BFPO address just because they don't know what a BFPO address is.
  4. signed, but i think you need just another 99,943 signatures to have it brought up in Parliament.
  5. My bad there is a bit about it in the AFF - Families journal Autumn 2011 bottome of page 68.

    Army Families Journal Issue 84 - Autumn 2011

    I have signed anyway
  6. We use the post code for the military post depot in the uk, even if it says no to bfpo we do the address again and simply add London, then the post code. Simples
  7. there used ot be a scheme the post office ran where you used the lodon office postcode and they forwaded it on to you (the old stickered post) and since your able to by auto redirect now for several years on the trot they withdrew the old system and expected people to use the new system

    nothing is free but hey you used ot get loa that payed for the isolation of living overseas.

    on the + side if you ever phone some of thease companies up they will add bfpo lists and allow posting to them, when i was in germany my wife used to shop a lot online and get stuff delivered to the bfpo address (that was back in 02>04 mind you) although some of those companies will maybe have gone boom by now.

    use an on the fly language translator on your web browser and just shop at the german websites instead, the good will arrive faster and be delivered to the house/flat no need ot collect it from the bfpo office :)