FED UP With lying mail order companies!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Resurgam, Jul 21, 2008.

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  1. :x
    I was not sure where this should go.

    I am about to post the following letters to a well known company that sells stuff by internet and at stores throughout the country.

    I managed to keep my temper whilst talking to the arssehole Escalations manager but he really pissed me off.
    I have drafted the following and wondered if any of you had comments that would help me sharpen the bollocking up or even better get something off the company in addition to my new bathroom suite, which I really need as the neighbors are beginning to ask questions.

    This first one addressed to the company's Chief Executive

    I write to you out of sheer frustration with the behaviour of your company’s staff. You no doubt receive many letters from persons like me who have just about had enough of the runaround that they receive when your systems fall down. I do feel that you might find the following edifying.

    I would be grateful if you would indulge me by reading my sorry tale of woe. The dates may not be 100% right as I was not expecting to have such a prolonged problem thus did not start a proper log of events. The gist is there and your own company logs will record when I called but they will not fully cover what your staff said.

    Ser Date Action Remarks
    1 24 May 08 Ordered bath, toilet and Sink Cheerful looking forward to new bathroom
    2 2 Jun 08 Waited for letter from XXXX to confirm delivery etc in accordance with your company procedures No Letter
    3 9 Jun 08 Still no letter A little worried but did no create a fuss
    4 On or about
    14 Jun 08 Rang your company’s number as advised on your order form. Informed that the delivery company had the order and that you were sorry that you had not written to me but if I rang the delivery company they would arrange delivery. Sorry for no letter.
    5 On or about
    20 Jun 08 Rang delivery company. Had been abroad on business the previous week. You item has been placed on Hold company need to re issue.
    6 On or about 23 Jun 08 Rang your company and asked that the item be removed from hold ‘Of Course Sir Sorry I will do that at once. It may take 72 working hours!’
    7 On or about 30 Jun 08 Rang to confirm with delivery company that hold had been removed Delivery people stated that they still showed that the item was on hold
    8 Various Pushed between the delivery company and your people both saying that the other was at fault and that it was not their fault but the other bit of the company was to blame Kept temper and was very polite. Did ask that people sorted out their act so that I could have a bath
    9 18 Jul 08 Rang delivery company again Told item was on hold and that I should ask Homebase Direct to lift the hold.
    10 18 Jul 08 Did as requested Of course sir we will get on to it.
    11 21 Jul 08 am Rang delivery people ‘Still on hold sir suggest you ring the company’.
    12 21 Jul 08 am Rang Homebase Direct Sir sorry but the items you ordered were unavailable until this weekend and they are now available so I will instruct the delivery company to call them forward.
    13 21 Jul 08 pm Rang Delivery company to ask if they had received the message Delivery company say order still on hold.
    14 21 Jul 08 pm Rang your company and asked about the order Told that there were still some items that were unavailable.
    15 Asked to be put onto the escalations team The man who answered could not have been less useful if he tried. I will expand below.

    Mr DXXX RXXXX was quite dreadful in his handling of my complaint. Instead of waiting for me to finish sentences he spoke over me stating there was nothing that could be done. He would not then give way to let me talk. All this did, far from placating me, was to make me more and more furious. I am sure if you call for the tapes, which are of course only kept for training purposes, you will hear my mounting frustration with your employee. Up until I spoke to him I was willing to accept that there had been some hiccoughs in your procedures but now I am not sure that it is not systemic.

    If you have employed Mr RXXX, XXXXX Escalations Manager, to encourage disgruntled customers to cancel difficult orders then you have made an excellent choice. If, however, you have employed him to sort out problems with customers then I suspect you have employed the wrong man. To cap all his obstructions he flatly refused to give me the reasons that my equipment was not available in writing until I wrote in and asked for it. He also stated that he was the top rung in the Customer Relations set up and that there was no one higher – not that there was no one higher that would be willing to speak to me that is but no one higher in the organisation. If he was in my company I would be looking very carefully at retraining the man as he certainly lacks any customer skills and is not of the right temperament to deal with fed up customers.

    I have been reading your recent company reports and wonder if the 6.6% downturn in sales is as a result of poor customer relations and perhaps word of mouth condemnations of other frustrated customers.

    I have been scrupulously polite and have resisted expressing any real anger other to state in a fairly resigned manner that I was pretty fed up. In addition I have maintained a certain humour in all my dealings with your staff including my first few seconds with Mr Robinson.

    If it were not for the fact that I have had the bathroom designed and have ripped everything out so that the new items can be installed I would cancel my order. As it is I believe that I should be compensated for the appalling way that my order has been administered and for the lies and half truths I have been told.

    This second one to the git in question

    I write to request that you expedite my order for the bathroom equipment as soon as possible. I will have been waiting , as you are well aware, for 2 months by the time you receive this letter.

    In our ‘discussions’ this afternoon you were quite adamant that you would not provide me with the reason for the delay in writing unless I write to you direct and request it. Accordingly I request that you furnish me details as to why my order has taken 2 months to date. I also want to know why your staff were unable to give me the real reason as to why there was a delay until I spoke to you. It is my belief that I have been lied to in order to keep me ‘happy’. I find this approach to problem solving particularly annoying, preferring the truth not waffle.

    I also request that you send me a print out of all the details that you have on computer that refer to my order number xxxxxxxxxxxx including any notes on my conversations with your staff.

    It is my opinion that this problem has been handled in a particularly poor manner and that you should look to your procedures and your attitude.

    CC Mr T D – Chief Executive xxxxxxxxx Group plc

    Any other ideas? Apart from the usual i know where you live and will be sending the boys round type

    Resurgam :D
  2. Come on! Fess up the name of the company!!!!!
  3. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Sounds like some one screwed up and then just left or forgot about it. Grasp the nettle and cancel the order and use another company. Oh and name and shame the company too.
  4. I did name it by mistake.

    I was more interested if you thought it was the right approach. my real problem is that I have got a v small bathroom and this was the only lot that had a bath that fitted that was not up in the £1k bracket.
  6. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I think its incredibly restrained all things considered.
  7. HomeBase Direct. Says so in the post.

    I'd have sacked them by now. The same product will be available elsewhere.

    These people will help you find the same product. You can probably buy direct from the manufacturer.

  8. We had a similar problem with Homebase, we wanted to add to our order so the assistant said:

    'no problem sir, we'll just have to cancel your order then reinput it with the added item'

    'Ok' said I

    The assistant looked worryingly at the pc and said ' since your order was cancelled your designated furinutre has been allocated to someone else and we're not getting anymore stock of it sorry'.

    Cheers a bunch you nobbers!!
  9. Dress forward to the firing point:

  10. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Can I suggest Screwfix as an alternative, they aren't the most stylish, but damn good customer service and delivery.

  11. I concur. Screwfix are outstanding. I have completely refurbished an entire house and I have yet to be let down by Screwfix.
  12. Screwfix certainly gets my vote too! I've ordered loads off them in the past 18 months and they haven't let me down once. Absolutely first-class customer service. I'd thoroughly recommend them to anybody.

    No, I don't work for them and I'm not getting a commission, I'm just a very satisfied customer.

  13. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    And if you want to use Screwfix give me a shout and I'll 'recommend' them to you and I get £10 off my next purchase..;)

  14. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    I'd send that instead of the long letter, with all the details - dates, calls, etc from the long letter as an 'appendix'.
  15. Blimey that's good. I'm copy and pasting for any future hiccups.

    Nice one VB.