Fed up with companies calling your home...listen to this guy

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by blobmeister, Jan 18, 2008.

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  1. This guy 'Tom Mabe' was fed up with people ringing his house trying to sell stuff, he started to tape all his calls and decided a little pay back...made me laugh.

  2. Some people have for too much time on their hands... very funny though :D
  3. Cracking way to treat these intrusive idiots, maybe it could be angled to cover the multitude of indian call centre bods trying to hawk mobile phones and cheap DVD's etc. Arrsers out there might be able to divert their twisted minds to this task.

  4. I don't get these calls any more since I joined the telephone preference service. I used to like just putting the phone on the side and seeing how long it was before they hung up.
  5. Brilliant.

    For the first time in over two years I am actually looking forward to my monthly cold call from Anglian home improvements! The usual rant down the 'phone of "fcuk off you cnut, delete me from your calling list NOW!" was wearing a bit thin, and to be honest, the missus was getting a bit embarassed explaining my actions to visitors! This is going to be much more fun.
  6. Cute likkle Mexican Midget......heh....heh......hehhhhh
  7. Putting them on hold is always a winner.
  8. Outstanding!!!

    I might turn the answer off just to have a go myself!