Fed up of your Rifle 5.56?

whats the point of a gpmg which you cant burn your hands on when changing the barrel . taint normal :lol:
Nice bit of kit, but I can think of much better ways to spend $174,999.99

Feckin' septics, more money than sense!
Uses the idiot proof gas plug too, only thing i like 'bout the Spam ones.
Save the old Armourer hours setting them up again when you strip too far!
7.62 rocks!
Supposedly new sf kit would cost about $10 000 so $174,999 .99 for a new gpmg . I would want a team of cheer leaders to
carry the link clean it make brews etc thrown in for that cost . $500 for a ak on the site as well . Must be run by a relative of silvermans :)
Price is down to the fact that there are no new MG's available to US citizens, so the price of an old one goes up & up.
Even "pre-ban" L1A1's go for serious $, as they are classed as MG's due to the receiver being cut to take the auto sear..

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