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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Aug 3, 2008.

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  1. and want to follow the official route :D for a change.

    The problem is, my complaint is with organisations outside my regiment and I've officially complained before (as a Sgt) but I'm just fed up with nothing being done. I'm one of the most senior TA SNCO's in my trade but those setting the training don't consult us at all. The result its a complete cluster..

    I have class three soldiers who need to need to gain their tape in order to complete the last section of their 3-2 workbook. Well they don't need the tape but it would be easier for them supervising others. Class 2 (in Sigs terms) means the soldier can work unsupervised - or quite simply this section is a load of tripe

    Ignoring that, I was training/helping an RAMC and Sigs driver to use DII(F)/JPA this weekend, an intro to IT in other words. Guess where this appears in a ICS/IT operators training, class 1 (needed for Sgt). This sort of training needs to be at recruit level, potentially for every TA recruit like it is for the regular army (so they can use DII/JPA etc). The IT section has even been taken from the Regular recruit Royal Signals Formal Trainging Statement (or BSS RSTO).

    and relax........
  2. I can't disagree with that. I've been told that on a Reebok det, once set-up is complete, my main responsibility is to provide IT support to the users.

    I'm not a complete IT mong, but is that's the aspiration some trg above the level of "this plugs in here" is to be desired. As it stands, it consists mostly of "don't worry, I'll [PSI IS Eng] always be around somewhere."
  3. Its difficult managing TA training, things change so quickly. Take the RAMC guy, he needs to be able to use JPA to put in claims (as does the entire Sqn when we go on camp). At the mo, its just officers/SNCO's making claims on JPA, the OR's aren't, thats not right.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    How can this be? Surely they all completed the certificate of training which was the pre-requisite for your account being setup.

  5. Your not being serious are you? Yes, the soldiers did that 'package' but they still need to understand how to use it.
  6. Bearing in mind that I think you lot are over promoted cunts and understand nothing of your trades; why do you need a tape to complete a trade level?
  7. Tiffy, in true arrse fashion. You will never be fed up of whinging on here!
  8. I love a good winge mate.

    Is it me, or are most of the moaners Scaleybacks? Or is it that most of the Arrse TA membership are pasty faced signals geeks?
  9. Bless the scaleybacks, wouldn't you moan if you were one?
  10. As there is a whole Signals Brigade, that probably skews things a bit.

    But on the whole, yeah, you're right. Us scaleys are moaners. I reckon thats mostly because:

    1. We don't have the scaling of comms kit we require.
    2. We don't seem to take out what kit we do have very often.
    3. We have a this stupid trade work book to get through, which thanks to points 1 and 2 above, means that its actually quite difficult to progress.

    Add to that the seemingly constant changes in trade (name, version of workbook, kit we're expected to know) inflicted from above and its like trying to herd kittens, uphill, on a moving sand dune.

    Maybe the grass isn't as green as it seems for other capbadges, but it certainly looks it when you're wearing a Jimmy.

  11. ............... and that's why I left. :wave:
  12. TB

    4. To gain class 2 you also need to be able to drive B+E (land rover and trailer).

    Suppose I could write directly to the Bde Comd, I could just re-jig the last one I sent him ....... when he was my CO
  13. TB,

    Trust me mate, we all have similiar crap to put up with. At least you lot get ridiculously quick promotion out of it.
  14. What do you mean??? I've been in my unit for 5 years and only a very few have moved up more than one rank. I did 9 courses (all 1-2 weeks) to get my last promotion (although I don't currently need another course for any other rank above mine)

    p.s. I suspect your quoting the regular tech trade
  15. You must be looking forward to the reserve forces review, you just talked the MOD into saving a fortune buy cutting your Brigade in one post!