Fed up of the greasy Politicians that run this country?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by geo7863, Mar 2, 2007.

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  1. I have been a member of this fine ARRSE site now since I had the good fortune of stumbling across it on a google search.

    I try to get online every day, and whilst some debates can get pretty hot, I'm guilty of having a pretty short fuse myself, I have noticed an underlying theme on most of the threads concerning the UK.

    That theme is that most of us here are sick and tired of the Politicians that we have, greasy, in some cases seemingly overtly corrupt, most of them very shady, self serving (seen their claims and allowances!!!) and generally totally out of touch with their community.

    having enjoyed watching a particular fine piece of escapism last year, " the amazing Mrs Pritchard" a thought has occured

    Why dont we here on ARRSE start a political party?

    people here sometimes talk about a revolution being required in this country, well surely a legitimate political party is a far better opition.?

    We have such a diverse base of members (some on the far fringes of normality but hey we cant all be perfect.) with a wide wide range of experience and skills, but from almost every post I have seen on political matters, there have been very legitimate concerns comments theories and workable solutions.....

    an example, I dont think anyone on ARRSE supports this ridiculous pay as you drive tax, which Neu Arbeit are determined to bring in, 1.8 million fellow citizens didnt like it either, but a 1.8 million signature petition means feck all to the likes of T BLiar. In true Mrs Pritchard style ask what people really want instead and if its workable bring it in. or regardless of whether it is ideal or not, if the system isnt broke don't fix it

    There are more than enough people here to form a workable political party and get rid of these slimy feckers we have in power and in the wings trying to get into power.

    is it a workable idea or should I get the pencils and underpants out and prepare to say "Wibble!!"
  2. The party would be in existence/power for five minutes and we'd all be criticising them too.
  3. Ah, but it woud be self criticism.in a way!!
  4. Long enough for a gong or a peerage.
  5. Oh, I'd love to see it done. Government on organised military lines (as completely distinct from military government, by the way) with decision-makers "selecting and maintaining the aim" of providing sound and effective governance. We are, after all, a group of individuals for whom getting the job done is the priority regardless of all else.

    Unfortunately, while we might be a good bunch of blokes to trust your neck to, we're no more immune from the corrupting influences of power than any other nod. I'm pretty sure many of the greasy rats started out as idealistic and got into politics to genuinely make a difference.

    It's not the people we need to replace, they're just a symptom of a sickness infecting our body politic. What we really need is some radical surgery performed on the system to ensure that: a) goverments are formed by the most voted-for party; and that b) they are actually accountable to the electorate throughout their term, not just during baby-kissing season.

    Unfortunately, the power to vote for Christmas is solely in the hands of the turkeys.
  6. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I'm happy to go along as far as BAFF but stepping into politics is going too far and ARRSE, in its current role should not be seen as the recruiting ground for a political party.

    Lobbying the rabble in charge (of whatever colour/orientation) is all very well but the Armed Forces must remain apolitical - period.
  7. Arrse has acted as the incubator for several ideas, some of which have led to far greater things of benefit to the wider Forces community.

    As a tool for some research of forming a new party and further discussions etc , I haven't a problem with it, but as usual, the Bosses have the final say.

    Personally, I'd rather Arrse remained strongly apolitical.
  8. Geo7863
    What were you looking for when Google found ARRSE for you?
  9. Now there speaks a person who's truly got a name corresponding to reality. Nice one indeed!

  10. I think I was looking for something about a SAS fella called Don Lofty Large, I had just read his book and one of the links was to the culture section here on ARRSE, all the rest of the links were to booksellers.

    back to Politics, I believe the people do need to change, yes they may have started out ideologically fired up but the system has fecked them over into the slimeballs that they are.

    I mean think about it, you want to stand as say a Tory candidate, you have to then toe the treid and tested lines that are incumbent in the Tory party you cant really show a totally fresh approach cos some doddering old tory fart will write you off as a young upstart...imagine having an interview to join a party and saying....

    "well I reckon the people are rather peeved with how the MP's get a pay rise...all voted in by the MP's themselves...I would suggest that a totally independent unpaid body...unpaid so there is no suspicion of backhanders and inside dealing... a body chosen say in the same way a jury is selected...from all walks of life, overseen by top class financial advisors who do just that..advise but have no power in the process. Then this body could come up with a reasonable pay and expenses structure.. and voila!! a fair system"

    The doddering old farts seeing a threat to their lucrative pay deals would have a coronary...you wouldn't even get a chance to deliver campaign leaflets for the party let alone have a chance of campaigning for a seat!!

    a totally new party, with no old entrenched outdated ways would do wonders for this country, just take the best policies from all the current parties and give the voter a real choice!! I mean lets face it the BNP have come along in leaps and bounds, if they werent so bloody rascist they would do a damn site better and they arent exactly that old a party now are they!!
  11. Nice idea, a la Starship Troopers (The book, not that sh1t film). As stated in the book - service personnel demontrate that they put the needs of the community before their own needs through their service and are prepared to take responsibilty for the good of the nation. I would certainly be behind an idea where only those who have shown that devotion have the right to vote and the right to enter political office. Unfortunately, in a society which is creaking at the seams with PC legislation and does not have the stomach to punish criminals properly, I cannot see anything improving in the near future.

    Unfortunately in the book, the changes are only made after a world war, when society has collapsed and veterans take the responsibility. Hey, you never know, If we invade Iran it will start a 3rd World War and after it has finished (as long as we are not all forced to be Muslims), you just might be able to form a viable government.

  12. In the cheapseats, Part Time Pongo.

    obviously you serving chaps wouldnt be allowed to campaign for a seat..it goes without saying the Forces have to remain apolitical, but what about having a say as a referendum type jobby in what the policies should be?

    As it stands there are far too many politicians that say they are cogniscent of the voters desires...kack and ballthwacks!!

    Most MP's I beleive feel that they are superior to the common man, take a referendum on the death penalty... not saying its good or its bad...but the People should decide...to get all high and mighty and say the people dont know what they want, the people havent got the brains to vote on such a serious issue is just ludicrous, and to give the vote purely to the politicians to decide is in my view a damn cheek.

    I want a politician to represent my views on every subject, if i am in the minority in any views within the consituency then thats tough for me, i can deal with it but for a politician to vote on ANY subject purely on his or her own views isnt on in my eyes!
  13. You know, I can't help but think that this would be the wrong way to go about solving the problem.

    Can't put my finger on why, it just doesn't feel right.
  14. Clean the slate and start again Old Testament style :muhaha: . Democracy is failing when whichever party is voted in is as bad as the previous one. They all start out by promising grand plans, but after a few years it all comes down to screwing the populace for everything that they can. :frustrated: Democracy only work when the elected representatives, actually listen to the people they are meant to be serving, instead of trying to socially engineer them.
  15. This New Labour Party are definately not what the people of the UK wanted when they voted for them back in 1997.They took advantage of the voters who for decades voted for the Labour Party and used it to promote this arrogant little man in number 10 Downing St with changes to everything possible in such a short space of time they have been in office.What I would like to see is that they change the whole voting system to proportional representation,do away with PARTY politics totally,all politicians can only serve ONE term in office and cannot stand again ever,Politicians salaries and allowances are controlled by a peoples panel and not politicians themselves,they cannot buy second homes with their allowances and keep it when they end their term of office even if it means building housing or flats for them in London,they must NOT hold another job whilst in office because being an MP is a full time job on behalf of their constituents,and one last item solicitors or QC's are banned from political office totally.One can only dream folks. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: