Fecking'ard landlord!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fltpilot, Sep 19, 2012.

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  1. He should of pulled the trigger. Fucking arseholes, he asked for the drinks to be ordered in English, hardly unreasonable. You're in his pub, his rules, if you want to play the wanker, expect to get twatted one.

    In the interests of equality:

    Weedy cunt looks like he'd struggle to pull a pint never mind a feckin' air rifle on someone.
  2. As a Welshman myself, I cannot blame the landlord for asking customers to order their drinks in English.

    It sounds like the customers were being (checks which forum we're in. Ah good, the NAAFI) cunts, for the sake of being cunts.
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  3. North Wales...therego!
  4. His brief said his client didn't know welsh was a language and thought he was being abused by drunk spastics
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  5. Exactly, North Wales, I rest my case.
  6. Welsh is a bloody stupid 'language' anyway, frequently spoken to spite the English. A friend's parents visited a pub in Wales, as they entered people were speaking English around them, but upon hearing their English accents as they ordered a drink, then continued their conversations in Welsh!
  7. Tell your friends parents not to be so bloody nosey by listening into other peoples conversations.

    To be fair though, in N.Wales they have been to know to do it with people with S.Wales accents.
  8. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    He pulled out an airgun. What's "fecking'ard" about that?
  9. You try pulling a 3½ft long air rifle out of your trouser pocket. It's not fucking easy.
  10. If you tell the Welsh not to be so bloody deluded as to think any English-speaking person would want to listen to their conversations.

    Anyway, how did he know they were ordering drinks if he couldn't understand what they were saying?
    How did they expect to get served if they knew he couldn't speak their language?
  11. Thats probably why they spoke in Welsh then. They didn't want to bore the English about tales of daring-do in the sheep paddock.
  12. Buy a pub in North Wales and refuse to accept orders in Welsh. Result: a village full of pissed-off Taffs.

    Turn up and tell the locals that you're sorry you've not had time to learn any Welsh yet, would they mind ordering in English for now, and you'd be willing to trade a couple of pints now and again for lessons in Welsh names for drinks. Result - pisstaking and grudging acceptance.

    If you're in the 'hospitality industry' you won't get far by being a git to your punters.
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  13. Jesus, I've been visiting a mate in Risca for 15 years and it's rare I hear anyone speak Welsh, his mother and dad can speak it, but never do in front of me.
  14. Fuck me mate. You're lucky they can speak in any language in Risca. They've only just learnt to walk upright.:razz:
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