fecking vodafone

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by coded, Feb 29, 2008.

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  1. GOD damn vodafone they mess me about over charging me for insurence i spend 3 days sorting the damn thing out and they send me a replacement phone which i have to damn well wait in for and its the WRONG f**king phone is it really so hard to get right.
  2. Thanks for sharing
  3. Sheep!
  4. SSSSSH, I want to maximise the dividend on my shares. :D
  5. Oh no,you too! I thought I was the only one... there IS a god!! I'm not alone!!
  6. I use all these so-called chemicals, to make mine grow and all that grows are the bloody weeds, six foot and over, it's like a bloody jungle, still I have to try and there is no insurance policy for GRASS, even if you only smoke it.

    Sheep like dogs can make very good pets and like dogs need to have their poo cleaned up, or youj could let it rot in and feel the grass. The problem there is if you get it on your shoes, then walk it into the house, Err in doors becomes a little peeved and then THE silence.

    Perhaps you could phone a friend! .. :wink:
  7. Nah 7 Guniea pigs do it for us
  8. and the silence is a bad thing? Think of the peace and quiet.

  9. nut then you need to shear them every so often unless you like scuffy sheep
  10. think you need this thread on rear party.. clickity click