Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by thegimp, Dec 26, 2007.

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  1. Right, I've done a bit of shopping (misery) and I've been down the boozer

    Birds everywhere wearing Ugg boots

    What the feck are all these birds wearing ugg boots for..........................They were designed for surf chicks coming out the chilly surf THATS IT

    Ugg boots are shoite

    1. They soak up pavement water
    2. They look scruffy
    3. They are not flattering
    4. They highlight your spaz legs
    5. You drag your feet in a lazy noisy slovenly manner

    Whats it about..................DON'T SAy THEY ARE FECKING COMFY
  2. I never really get below looking at their arrses and would only notice the footwear if it was black or red and very high!

    Litotes (3 sheets to the wind....)
  3. You were looking at there their feet?

    *cough cough* HOMO *cough cough*
  4. agreed, look shite. very popular with the birds though. cant understand why... its almost up there with chavs driving with fog lights on but not quite as annoying
  5. Fecking chav wear
  6. wtf are ugg boots? - pics?

    omg sorry - just googled it - no need for pics.

    Chav slapper scum sweaty cheesy foot mittens....Yah I know what ya mean now.

    Ugly fcukers wear these.

    If I ever see them or glance at them, I stop to look at the scum wearing them....could be the most beautiful lookin bird ever, but it doesn't matter - they wear this stuff, then adios....
  7. Even worse the blokes in Oz wear them as well, hopefully in the UK you are spared the various colours and designs available. Must be like wearing 2 sheep on your feet, probably ok if you are Welsh or Kiwi would feel just like the missus
  8. well they are comfier than stilettos when it comes to a quickie doon a quiet lane in glasgow city center
  9. My daughter wouldnt be caught dead in them ( her words ) though she does wander around looking like an extra from Mad Max 2, as said ugg boots are generally teamed up with pink or blue velur trackies I shall contiue with the biting my lip option. I have to point out though she manages a decent shine on her goth boots and thinks that chavs should be culled for the sake of the gene pool.
  10. Goths aren't half as bad as chavs at least. Goths normally grow out of it eventually, chavs don't, they just multiply. And goths are quite harmless really.
  11. I quite like them ;)
  12. I wish that people would be more responsible in what they post on Arrse. We can now add foot fetishism to all the other horrible suggestions mentioned on here, cross-dressing, back door kicking, mong sex, skinning, holidays, beer

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  13. where are the boots ????
  14. Well!!! I'm not a chav but i like my ugg boots but it all depends if they are the cheap cr@p ones then i have to say they are frickin ugly!

    Anyway why the hell are u's talkin about UGG BOOTS on this site for?

    P.S "thegimp" they are comfy ;-)
  15. I like them. You get plenty of slappers shuffling around in them which gets on my tits, but they're normally fine.

    Ugg's forever!

    T C