Fecking Sods Law!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 2/51, Dec 3, 2012.

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  1. Drive to work in snow and ice this morning, all smug because I spent a fortune on winter tyres, drove home in torrential rain and slush and up the farm track to the house, which was very icey, with an air of superiority, only to reverse over a metal bucket that caught on the exhaust and pushed up into it and sheared off a flange on the cat!

  2. Double fuck, thought it was just me
  3. I hate it when that happens, its a constant nightmare
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  4. How's the cat ? Does your cat get danger money for living with you ? Has the cat been to the vet ? Has the car been to the garage ? Come on, don't start a thread with half a tale (unlike the cat, who may only have half a flange) Yes, I know the spelling between tale and tail is different.
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  5. Careful what you say old boy.. Shearing a cats flange and all that. You never know who's watching when you do it..
  6. I woke up to 21 degrees blue skies and a slight off shore breeze, walked down the road with dog to the beach and wandered along it until I reached a cafe and had a pot of tea. Walked hhome, took the train to work, had lunch in 26 degrees in the park by the river torrens, walked back to the office feeling all good, afternoon fflew by. Train home still 28 so I went for a swim in the sea, feeling smug I walked back home dripping dry, stubbed my fooking toe on aa slightly raised curb the fucker.
  7. Or mugged by a Saffer.
  8. That's the problem with metal buckets, without any real purpose in life anymore they just hang about causing mayhem!

    I think it's time we put them back to work where they belong, in the hands of skilled midwives drowning all those gopping ginger babies!
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  9. Midwives won't do that anymore, I have asked twice in the last two years

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  10. Yeah! all cats have that complaint, poor things