fecking pissed of with beret!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by indifferent, Nov 6, 2008.

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  1. its been done i know, ive searched and read answers but....

    after a whole year of trying to shink my beret im at my wits end, yeah its pukka shape etc i just cant the frigging over hang smaller, done hot cold a billion times and it aint shrinking. any other ideas??? its a navy blue one.

  2. buy a victor small crown
  3. Exchange it.
  4. Indiferent PM sent, You will be in my in tray if not sorted by the 9th!

  5. Did you stop the Hot/Cold process on hot? If so it's likely to stay at it's normal size......also drying it in a tumble dryer aftermay do it, reshape it only using cold ater afterwards...
  6. Have you tried expanding your head?

  7. cheers smudge...... wiping tea off the brand new DII(F) terminal
  8. Get a size or two smaller, then stretch the rim to fit.

    Then when you do your hot/cold shrinking there's less material to shrink.
  9. right its going in the tumbler!!!! ive rang everywhere to day tring get one over night no joy, small crown co aint answering either grrrrr
  10. oh joy!!!!
  11. my overhang is shite too, going to go in hot shower for abit shape it then switch to cold take it off and leave it in airing cupboard to dry out and it should shrink, only job to do then is slowly stretch the band to fit your noggin' again - hope it doesnt fcuk it up need it for sunday no surplus stores or online shops that can get it to me for saturday :(
  12. These Remembrance Parades do come as such a surprise don't they? It would be so helpful if they happened at about the same time every year so you could sort your admin out before the event. It's not like you had any time to actually plan ahead or anything is it?
  13. Dubora do a very quick service usually overnight, but its a bit late in the day for that now

    Dubora Small Crown Beret

    To put it bluntly, the issue ones only shink so much, if its too bit then no matter what you do you are shagged, small crown berets like duboras are designed to be small
  14. Balls next you will be telling people they can celebrate theie own special day each year to mark another year passing
  15. sorted silvermans thanks for your help!!!!!!! staple belt and victor on the way will be here in morning, not cheapset but gets me out of the shit!!!!!!!