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Been medically defferred until May next year. Feckin gutted. I'll be 26 then and want to join Infantry, i'd be the platoon grandad for fecks sake. Words cannot describe my dissapointment. Another 9 months of dealing with the smack heads, dole dossers, wasters, lard arses and general f*ckwits who inhabit my town, the irony being most of them would probably be declared medically fit to undertake Recruit Selection and subsequently the CIC. Tonight i'm gonna get very drunk and find one and start a fight. Morty got a lotta hate right now. :x

I need cheering up. Feel free to rip the urine out of me, most of you are quite witty and sarcastic, original abuse always makes me chuckle.
I'd say something to cheer you up, but everytime i say anything MDN threatens to disect me in more and more gruesome ways!!!!

Chin up love, shit happens to us all!


Here goes with a bit of sympathy....shame but good luck for 9 months time!!
Don't go out and beat someone up, as then u will defferred for another, much worse reason that a medical problem! But go out and get drunk by all means!!
I no someone who is in the royal artillery who joined at 26, not the end of the world, just means ur more worldly wise!! - look at it as life experience!!
If u really hate where u live - y not move? (I no easier said than done) I also live in a shite area!

But anyway that's my sympathetic bit for the day!
good luck for 9 months time and don't let it put u off, if the infantry is what u really want the keep trying!
Have you considered TA for this 'gap year' or is this a serious medical matter?
I thought that your medical concerns were that you are blind in your right eye. Do they hope it will improve over the next 9 months?

Or have you contracted an embarassing social disease while you've been waiting?
Is halitosis that bad enough for a deferral? Try the QA's, their breath generallysmells like an open stomach wound.


War Hero
puttees, I think its over a bit of runners knee I saw the doc about three months ago. My optician report came back fine (eyesight within the parametres needed for enlistment) so it's not that.

I'm not really gonna beat someone up, I'm not a mong. But I am seriously p*ssed off at the situation. Nothing I can do apart from wait for thr eason for my defferell (spelling?) and see if I can appeal against it.
Sounds like a sensible thing to do. getting pished is good also. Hopefully the referral crap is over something minor.

All the best
You sperm!

Take you miserable down beat frame to the top of a clock tower and spread yourself over as many paving stones as possible
Get a job working in maccies, you would have to be a right tw@t to get fired from maccies..
Chin up mate, not the end of the world. Get a new job, join the TA, and get running. Another few months keeping up your training and you will start the CIC as one of the fittest recruits there.

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