Feck !!! What goes on at Fur Farms

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BFG 9000, Sep 19, 2005.

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  1. Now I consider myself to be of a fairly strong constitution, but...........

    This made me feel quite ill.

    N.B. WARNING - DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO IF YOU'VE RECENTLY EATEN (or are vegitarian, or like animals, or are remotely human - in fact, nobody should see this).

    Now, I'm all for killing animals in the name of food, but this sh1t makes me want to go for a trip to Harrods with a spray can.



    P.S. PETA themselves are not beyond reproach.
  2. That is unbelievable, the bastards who do this are inhuman. I'm lost for words
  3. Yuk Yuk Yuk!!!!! I just could'nt watch the whole thing.
  4. I only made it about half way through myself........
  5. I'm having my tea just now so I don't fancy being sick. What happens in the video?
  6. Nope refuse to watch it have seen some of PETA's stuff before.
  7. I'd like to skin some of those bastards alive so they know how it feels!

  8. So after watching that,
    I want to sign up to the animal rights activists and take part in some of their 'jobs'. I hate people who harm bunny rabbits (boiling them doesnt hurt and it is a humane way of cooking them)
  9. No particular axe to grind either way, and I could not download the video, but what is the point of skinning something alive? This dodge was tried in Australia some years ago, when an American animal rights activist was charged with soliciting two local imbeciles to skin a young kangaroo in front of the camera to give credence to her claims that it was standard practice. Both she and the locals were convicted of animal cruelty. Logically, if you want an animals skin it would be easier to remove it when it is dead. After all, it is not going to grow a new one in a hurry.
  10. That reminds me, gotta get me dad some new slippers for his birthday!

    Any jobs going?

  11. I couldn’t watch the whole thing.
    They skinned that poor animal alive, absolutely horrible.

    I have no problem with skinning animals but that is just cruel. There is no need for that.
  12. i'm not veggie, not opposed to leather, although hypocrital i know, i've always been against the fur trade. that was possibly the most disgusting thing i have EVER seen. how anyone could actually do that to another living creature and feel nothing is beyond my comprehension.
  13. How would that fcuker like it if I skinned him alive and wore his forehead as a cap?
  14. one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter!

    that is sick i would quite happily take a knife to his arrse!