Feather Bonnets

Anyone have a highland feather bonnet, size 59 for sale? Prefer red/white/black dicing but red/white considered.



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Nope, but I have a collection of model motorbikes I'm trying to shift.
I've got a parrot, some black dye and a lovely Gingham tablecloth.
PM me your details and you could make your own Blue Peter stylee.


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I have a picture of HM Queen in a lumberjack shirt chopping wood, if you're interested.

Don't think you'll get a size 59, what are you a 'turret heid'!

The last ones I saw, 91st & 93rd pattern, so Red and White, were quite small and P & D's had trouble sourcing big ones for their 'heid the ba's' with larger craniums.
I've got a sharp piece of string and a bag that had cakes in for sale.
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