Feast Your Squinties On This!

do you think she has got her brown wings
Export said:
I think she's a bit of a slapper, personally..
Yes, yes complete moose you are right ............... :roll:

no Doctor, I really don't need any more of that special medicine.
Some of these transvestites ae very convincing! It's a good excuse to use at a Court martial, I'll be using it at my next one.
Damn right Lewis, looks like she's trying to shyte a basket ball!!!
but still, ya would :wink:
itd be rude not to :)
don't delay.
stir the porridge of the great igleisias and probably her coach!
he didn't seem to be teaching her much tennis recently!
hey her ability to bang around balls is of no cosequence (unless your into that sort of thing :D )

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