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  1. Could somebody tell me please?

    If I am a health care assistant, and I gain the suitible academic qualifications (120 cat points from the open university??) before I finish the two-year diploma. Would I be able to re-trade to a student nurse, before I finish the health care assistant nvq level 3???

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. If 120 points from the OU does give you the entry educational level for student nurse training (and I don't know if it does), doesn't it depend on when there is a place for you to start training? For example:

    If there is only one intake a year, it may be worth your while to complete HCA training regardless of your intent to become a nurse.

    Similarly, the backlog for nurse training may be such that you might have to wait 12 - 18 months for a place - again I don't know if this is indeed the case.

    Anyone going to own up to being a nurse tutor and provide the gen!
  3. This is totally dependent on you getting an interview to start Nurse training and them finding you acceptable to become a Mil Nurse. Many HCAs have done the jump before and will do again.

    Again, I am not sure of when the training begins but talking to a Nurse tutor in a location near you will unravel the truth.

    Its gotta be better than being an HCA, but not as good as being a Techie :wink:
  4. Credit Accumulation Transfer to entry qualification now depends on individual entry requirements, (and what you've covered of course.) Each board has become self-governing. Try asking the UKCC about access to nursing entry exam. Very basic and entitles you to entry to all boards that lead to UKCC registration. Also look at the place you train, I'm a Princess Alexandra Nurse and believe we're amongst the best on civvy street, I know the level of qualification I got, before the wheel was invented, was never looked on as second grade while a few I worked with had a lot of trouble marking grade increases. :wink:
  5. Your a what?????????
    Navy or Crab?
  6. The reason I was asking about health care assistant is because I have already applied to transfer from the Engineers to the QA's. But I was refused due to my med cat (P3). Even though the Doc here sent a cover note with my transfer application saying he would up grade me to P2 before I rebadged.

    Glasgow (ams side) refused my application, saying my med cat was too low, despite the Doc's letter.. I am now waiting to see a specialist in the UK, an Army opthamologist, to see if he will up grade me, then I can re-apply.

    But when I spoke to the QA's recruiting team last, they said the places are nearly fully booked for 2005! So, by the time I see this specialist, and hopefuly get upgraded, all the places will be gone untill 2006.

    But I would consider becoming a health care assistant if I could transfer next march (when the next intake is), until there is a placement on the student nurse courcourse. Because, I feel I am rotting away in the Engineers at the minute, I 'signed back on' a year ago for this transfer. The most frustrating thing is Mr D (AMS glasgow) being so ****ing black and white about my med cat. And the RCMO here not really giving a shit, basicly I cannot appeal.

    I already have 60 cat points, at the end of the year I will have 135, levels 1 & 2. So I have the academic qualifications.

    Sorry about my little rant, but what I want to know is, if I transfer to the QA's as a health care assistant, to get out the Engineers, and work helping people in a medical setting, which is what I want to do. (no I am not gay, just a hippy in green!!!). Would I be able to re-trade when more places are available, before I had finished the HCA course, as I would already have the academic qualifications to start training as a student nurse.

    Sorry if this makes little sense, but maybe somebody in the QA's understand what I am trying to say.
    Cheers, A-L.
  7. Ok, I might be showing my nievety here (and really bad spelling) but i thought there were no P2 gradings anymore. It was P1, P3 or i think P7. What would happen if you were not upgraded to the required level?
  8. Given the state of most of the QAs serving, I thought as long as you could move, you'd get a transfer.

    Some QAs I know have serious difficulty moving without the help of an industrial appliance :twisted:
  9. :oops: :oops: Ok, am sorry. I'm blond & incredibley stupid. I've just had the grading system explained to me by an incredibley knowledgable mate of mine & i was obviously talking out of my arrse!! PLease forgive :oops: :wink:

    I notice non of you w@nkers corrected me though !
  10. This topic really makes me shit a hedgehog. For a start i personally have a dislike for people abusing my cadre just so they can ficking wait to be a student nurse. If you transfer to become a HCA it's because you want to be a HCA not because you are treading water waiting for a place in uni. Second, this cadre has been abused for too long with people who get upgraded P2FE only to downgrade themselves again 12 months later to P3LE, no wonder we have a bad name with the rest of the AMS. If you transfer to become a HCA you have a contractual commitment for three years NOT two years as some people think just because the training is to years. be warned i'll be watching out for you coming across my door step!!! Next you will be telling us your enlisted from The Stand AFCO.
  11. Why would anyone who has the possible chance of going to Uni want to be a HCA? Some people want to better themselves!
  12. gado,

    do you have a death wish?
  13. :lol: :lol: No, but i do have a BSc Hons & just an ounce of ambition! :lol:
  14. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Clever old you, well done.
  15. Cheers 8)