Fearsome new Lib Dem crime policy...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bravo_Zulu, Aug 7, 2008.

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  1. Some people don't learn

    BBC News

    Someone tell me the difference between a "positive behavioural order" and an ASBO, and why apologising to a panel of citizens will be any more effective.
  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    What do you expect, the limp dems have less of a clue than NL.
  3. You know the answer already. What a load of old p1sh! The reason the little feckers are .........oh fcuk it , what's the use? These LibDem feckers are walking about with their heads in the clouds.

    Feck me you've got my blood pressure up and I haven't had a second cup of tea yet :tp:
  4. Calm down, dear - it's just the LimpDems! :D

    Those cnuts have even less chance than Zanu-Labour of winning the next election. So leave them to thier pathetic fantasies.
  5. I think this is a brilliant idea! As long as when the poor young things appear before a citizens' panel the panel proceed to kick seven shades of s**t out of them.
  6. Cue Sven (or his new alter ego) jumping in to defend the 'policy'.

    Deterrence is the only form of reform.

    Deterrence as defined;

    : The act or process of deterring: as a: the inhibition of criminal behaviour by fear especially of punishment.

    Getting the little darlings to stand in front of the citizens they victimised isn't going to deter them.

    They are quite right when they say prison doesn’t work. That’s because prison is a training centre for crims and most crims want to go to prison for a break.

    Rehash the borstal system and bring back Approved Schools. Humans are like dogs. Educate them early enough and you have them on side for life. Pish about by being namby pamby and they'll bite your face off.

    Why are people so averse to actually doing things the old fashioned way? Some will say those methods didnt work. Possibly but the methods could be tweaked and tuned to actually scare the fcukers into being good boys and girls. Hard labour, strict regime and discipline. If they cry 'human rights', the act of ensuring these people may become useful members of society by being a bit cruel will counter the claim. Letting them off without any form of punishment is actually affecting their human rights and more importantly, the people whose lives they effect.
  7. Drugs - Fcuk Class A, B, C???

    How about:

    Drugs = Illegal = Jail
    ASB = Illegal = Jail
    Assaults = Illegal = Jail
    stealing things = Illegal = Jail

    Added to

    Jail = Scray sh1t hole of a place with a no talking policy. Low lighting and long stays.
  8. Fcuk spending my hard earned taxes on scum by keeping them in jail.

    For offences such as possession of drugs, petty theft, ASB etc get them in the stocks, can you imagine the shame and embarressment for them? And then for more serious offences or repeated offenders publicly flog them,let their victims see them weap.

    For more serious offences sentence them to hard labour, get them boosting the economy by digging or breaking rocks by hand rather than get some immigrant to do it for minimum wage.
  9. Just leave it to this for the feral, base ball capped, dust bin diving, hooded, numpty nut fxxkwits;

    1. A good kicking.

    2. A good kicking.

    3. A good kicking.

    4. A good kicking.

    5. A good kicking.

    Anyone tired yet ? Carry on.
  10. You and I Wish mate!!!