Fears Over Post Office Savings

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by old_rat, Mar 7, 2009.

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  1. This was on the MSN news listing, taken from ITN News.

    "There are concerns about money saved in Post Office savings accounts, because much of that cash is kept in the Bank of Ireland where it is not covered by British Government guarantees.

    A warning has been issued that UK savers with funds in Post Office accounts could lose their money. A joint venture between the Bank of Ireland and the Post Office means problems with Ireland's economy may put savings at risk.

    A senior Liberal Democrat politician has told ITV News the partnership must be severed before it is too late. The Irish government has already been forced to nationalise some of the banks and there are increasing rumours that Ireland, like Iceland, is now bankrupt.

    Meanwhile, Gordon Brown has attacked the banking industry again, claiming their mistakes have "squeezed" good, hard-working people."
  2. And who designed the system in which the banks operated? Wouldn't be one G Brown would it?
  3. The man Brown has financially ruined every aspect of this country,

    He has to thrash around blaming all and sundry in order to stay in office.

    Why has the 'media' of this country adopted the 'we think the government is great' posture? Who is paying whom? How much is being paid?

    The BBC is now virtually a department of Government. Why? I do not pay a huge licence fee to support the Labour Party.
  4. All of Al Quida and the Taliban have tried to bring the west to their knees for years, Broon and Co have done it in six months . . . . . :x

    Post Office, is that what is known as Out Sourcing ? ? ? ?
  5. No, it would be the bankers and their lobbyists who spend the last two decades complaining about how their 'freedom to innovate' was being restricted by an overburdening regulatory environment and bullying successive governments into relaxing it with threats to move jobs and tax-revenue overseas.

    The worst GB can be accused of (apart from being a complete embarrassment to Scotland) is completely caving in to them. New Labour - the other cheek of the Tory arrse.