Fears over beached chemical kits

Whoops! Looks like some CQMS has some counting to do...Suppose it makes a change from spent No6 Marker Marine's washing up..

BBC News

Fears over beached chemical kits

People walking along beaches in south Devon are being asked to keep an eye out for chemical agent detector kits which may have washed up on the shore.

Brixham Coastguards made the appeal after several dark green plastic kits were found outside Fowey in Cornwall.

The kits are used by the military to detect poisonous gasses and contain sealed bottles of mercury cyanide and sodium hydroxide.

It is not known where they came from or how they ended up in the sea.

The kits have a Nato serial number on them. Anyone who spots one should contact the coastguards immediately and should not touch them.
Better check with Brittany Coastguard to see if a section of men washed up on their side! :wink:

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