Fearne Cotton/Holly Willoughby ‘Who Would You Do First?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by StickyToffeePudding, Feb 24, 2010.

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  1. Fearne Only - I don't do birds off day-time TV!

  2. Holly Only - Well, Fearne's no Connie Huq!

  3. Both - Fearne First.

  4. Both - Holly First.

  5. None of the above, I like show tunes and chicks with dicks, maybe I'm gay.

  1. Having read in another thread that Fearne Cotton has saddle sores and imagining my applying copious amounts of Sudocrem to them with my tongue, the thought developed as to who out of her and the equally gorgeous Holly Willoughby would I ‘do’, given the choice of either.

    This, of course, quickly developed into who I would do ‘first’.

    Gentlemen and rug munchers, you see my predicament; on their own, together, and if so, in which order?

    With Kleenex at the ready, in your own time, thrap on!

  2. has to be Fearne first, she looks proper dirty
  3. She does, doesn't she... :D

  4. Fearne Cotton, followed by Fern Britton and Dot Cotton, just to make sure that I'd got all the name combinations.
  5. I cannot see why I should choose. Both are getting it together while they engage in lady love.
    Dick straight our of the bum of one and into the mouth of the other! :twisted:
  6. Ah, the old poop and scoop... :twisted:
  7. im hoping one day, that amongst the celebrity sex tapes that come out, fearne brings one out i'd pay good money for that lol, nice pic btw keep em coming :)
  8. I would like to use bits from both to make the perfect shag, you lot can have what's left over.
  9. Anything to please...



  10. Are there any links to websites with these two lovely ladies...errrrrrrrrrr.........minus clothes?
  11. Fronty

    Fronty Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Jesus! I thought you meant Fearne Britten! Not a pleasant thought
  12. Do you think if there were, I'd be putting up 'clothed' pictures of two such fine, prime fillies!
  13. Maybe I'm too old, but I need more than a flash of nipple...................... anything of her getting tag teamed?
  14. Holly has a wonky face for pities sake! She can bring me a brew and tab when I've finished with Fearne.