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Fearn Cotton....Would you?...

Watching the TV last night & this little strumpet was advertising her new show.Not having watched anything she's done,she comes accross as one who would take it up the hoop & bangs like Roger Taylor on drums!
Getting wood at the thought.....
Opinions? Would you do her? How & why?
Plus any other home grown strumpet you'd do?...



Book Reviewer
Reviews Editor
Good God no! It would be immoral and against all my principles. She should be, like all women, worshipped from afar and remain unsullied by our beastly male urges!
NO. I find her to be one of the most annoying people on the planet. She is a proper try hard who wants to be down with the yoof! Maybe if she didn't speak I would consider it but I find her full on thrush!
She is gopping and "not my type" - being as she is a stick insect not a woolly mammoth. As she is female and alive thoigh then I (and the the majority) would! Yes, I am shallow yet very self-aware...conflicted I know.
Mr_Deputy said:
Miner said:
I'd bang her back doors in, then fill her cake hole with icing.
some carpentry and some cooking??? you crazy mother. no dirty sex?
Ok, ok. You've talked me into it. I'll roll her in raw sewage than shag her. The sewage would mask the smell of her rancid breath.
merchantman said:
I would prefer a threesome with Fearne and Holly, it would probably kill me but what a way to go
you have far too much time on your hands!! why not go the full hog and have the female cast of hollyoaks in there too

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