Fear that immigrants will hijack G8 armada

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Agent_Smith, Jun 8, 2005.

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  1. Just as i raised the other day as soon as the twat suggested it.

    Now it seems that the arse has realised that it wasnt really such a good idea and is squirming his way out of it.



    Thats right, laugh all you want bob, but just remember it's US who has to pay for these ilegal immigrants care and accomodation. NOT you.

    Duoble plus CNUT!
  2. It won't pose a problem because boat owners are RATIONAL PEOPLE. Those who are not rational and practical have gotten wet and tried caravanning instead. Therefore, I dont reckon more than five private boats will partake in this abborition - boatowners have more sense. No-one with half a brain would risk their boat and possibly life to fetch pi$$-ant soap dodging frogs on the sayso of a burned out former popstar. I would slam his daughter like a barn door though.
  3. "I would slam his daughter like a barn door though. "

    Is she a goer then, nudge nudge, wink wink.
  4. Mmm, well, yes, she does like photography, holiday snaps, that sort of thing
    "Could be, could be taken on 'oliday, know what I mean..."

    But seriously though, she's called PEACHES! Think of the endless mid-coital humour opportunities! And she is beacoup chaude. And, perhaps more than anything, it would really fu$k Bob off to be phoned at 0430 and told : "I've just bashed Peaches's (tuh fu$cking huh) back doors in. She liked it."
  5. I believe that the precedent has been set that once you bang one of BGs family you would have to hang yourself in a hotel room.
  6. I wish Bob Geldolf would just get on with his life and stay out of the limelight - he grates on my nerves so much. There will always be poverty in the world. There will always be corrupt leaders. The sort of people turning up at his G8 party are just the sort who hope to be on TV for a few minutes. And crappy groups and singers past their sale-buy date hoping to resurrect their career and earn loads more money.
  7. "Studying for GCSE's.."

    Either the website is old, or there may be some, er hmmm, er, legality issues. Still, good things come to those who, and all that :lol:

    Eve - good post. He's a to$$er. But I would bump his daughter:

  8. "Immigrants to hijack G8 protest"

    Well, that's CERTAINLY not New Labour spin. No, sir.
  9. I wish Bob would just piss off. I really hope its one big flop. They want free everything, camping, digs in churches, boats...Don't these cunnts have jobs? :evil: