Fear still stalks soldiers of Royal Irish Regiment

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Gun_Empty, Oct 6, 2006.

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  1. As Jeffery Donaldson says, there are still dissident repbulicans out there who would be quite willing to take a pop at servicemen, retired or serving. There are still alerts and warnings being issued about RIRA and CIRA targetting people. I live outside the wire and still check my car every day. You have to remember that most of the hard-line PIRA members have re-alligned themselves with the dissidents and they still see the SF as legitimate targets. They may not have the willingness to mount a major bombing campaign a la Belfast 1980/90s, but all they need for a close quarters shoot is a hand gun and the bottle to do it.

    Having spoken to a number of the RIR guys, there seems quite a few who intend to emmigrate. Who can blame them when the employment prospects are not good and they will constantly be looking over their shoulders.
  2. I served alongside these blokes and knew some very brave men indeed. I hope that the future for them individually is more kind than the past has been.

    Best of luck guys!

    You deserve it!

    Regards and best wishes to all of you
  3. Another flight of Earls? With these guys pushed out, the economic migration of the future leaders and professionals and the government's mealy mouthed, open-handed attitude to the dissidents...well Ulster is going to the dogs and it is starting to feel like the "dissident" minority are calling the shots.

    Faugh o ballagh...clear the way!
  4. Just like the weapons of mass destruction that can hit us in 45 mins. When has Blair ever told the truth?
  5. When he said "i am a lying cnut, sorry!" ? :omg:
  6. If you were an RIR chap living in Tyrone or Armagh during the troubles paranoia was a survival mechanism rather than a nuerosis; that said it makes little difference that PIRA has stood down. The Troubles in these counties were up close and personal, with volunteers eagerly seeking to kill their neighbors. In this bit of the 6C bigotry runs deep and grudges are borne down the generations, it would be wise to remain wary.

    There won't be an Prod exodus like there was during The Troubles, just the usual trickle of economic migration. People tend to forget that PIRAs acceptence of Stormont rule brought a flood of Prods back into the N.I. Ironically that and the falling Catholic birthrate buggered PIRAs plan to shag there way to demographic superiority by 2016.