Fear detector:Israelis unveil next generation in security

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by error_unknown, Aug 10, 2006.

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  1. Israelis unveil next generation in security

    Fear detector: TSA to Screen for Terrorists by Reading Palms

    A new system developed by an Israeli company utilises physiological and psychological responses assessed by a computer, rather than a human. It is due to go on trial at both a West Bank crossing point and a US airport, which is deliberately not being identified, later this year.


  2. I've got one of them. Its called the wife. Delete 'briefing' and 'Semtex', insert 'slut' and 'over the side'
  3. No sweat.. ;)
  4. This is nothing. In between servicing James Bond's Aston Martin, Q and his mates developed this

    Somewhat lower tech and a tad smellier but probably just as effective.
  5. I dont want to bring the Israeli technology boom crashing down on the evidence of misquoted films but has he got Minority Report and Vanilla Sky confused?

    Incidentally if it normally takes 90 minutes to assess guilt and this can do it in three, are we to expect Judge Dread style arrest prosecution and execution all in under an hour?