FE Bursary (The Sixth form/college one)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Liamw_, Jun 10, 2011.

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  1. Helloo, i'm on the FE bursary and would just like to know what date/month the actual bursary comes in? I'v managed to get a date quicker because of this which is amazing but would also like to know when the money comes?

    Cannot find this information anywhere! Or has anybody got a phone number i can ring to find out?

    Any info would be great, cheers.:)
  2. Once you've passed selection with an A or B you will be notified if they choose to give you the bursary. For me this was less than a month after passing.
    At that point they will ask you to return your bank details so they can make the first payment.
  3. Firstly pass with at least a B grade, if you have been allocated already then you must be only doing this year at College so once you have proved that you have completed your course with the correct ammount of attendance you require your Recruiter/ACA will get in touch with RG to let them know. As said above you will get a letter through saying you got the FE Bursary with forms to get your Bank details. This goes back to Financial awards RG who will then send it all off and you should recieve the money between 4-8 weeks later. Speak to your own Recruiter who will be in a better place to advise you on your application.
  4. Yeah i'v sent all the forms off including bank details etc and have had no reply and the phone number on the letters i'v received all ring out and i'v tried at different times of the day. Thanks for that information though i'll have to just hang on and see when i get it, which i hope will be soon because i finish Sixth Form this week :)