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Just had and passed an assessment with FDM Group and offered subsequent employment with them as a consultant on passing training in their Glasgow academy. Has anyone had any experience of FDM as I'm not sure whether to go for it. Thoughts folks?

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I'd also be interested if anyone has first hand experience- I've heard a lot of stuff from friends of friends etc but nothing direct.


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I'll declare an interest - a couple of very old friends are involved on the management side. I've looked over the FDM offering and talked to some of their customers - the ones employing their trainees and grads - and they were very positive about the people FDM train and employ.

The training they provide is sensible, it seems to me and suited to the roles they fill and they certainly understand both the military persona and the potential the average ex-Serviceman has.

Without personal experience, but having looked at them with my sceptical glasses on (to declare another interest, I make my living as a principal consultant, but have also done programme management and been an IT Director), I'd look very favourably on an FDM graduate for any position I had to fill.


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Mind you, watch out for the Scouse thug in the Glasgow office and don't go drinking with him. No, really, don't.
@cammyjc I've been through the FDM training academy in Glasgow and work onsite as a consultant for them.

To be honest, I had the same concerns and always thought there was a catch but the only thing you can call a catch is the 2 year bond but I don't think of it like that at all. That's given me 2 years guaranteed work and I think it's a fair deal considering I was trained for free.

The training itself was really good and because it's run by ex-mil, they are really helpful and think they just get a buzz by getting you a job. The big Scouse thug took me for a drink to celebrate when I got my first role.

I think naturally ex-mil are skeptical about these kind offers but for me I can't say a bad word as I've kicked off a new career that I'm loving.

By the way, there are 10 of us in Edinburgh who are ex-mill FDM Consultants!
Thanks. That was one of the first things I did, there's a lot of negative comments/experiences on there but it's mostly positive.
I have seen them at events and also have interviewed some of them. They seem to have quite a large notice period for leaving
One lad had six months
I understand that's probably down to training contracts
The same jobs are available elsewhere but they guys jointing FDM from the military don't have the networks to get into those jobs or how to structure cvs to make themselves employable
They do a good job as a feeder organisation
I have seen them at job fairs as well they recruit as many graduates and service personnel as possible and then find them IT or project management roles.

What puts me of them is they value their training at around £20000 and you have to pay this if you don't abide by their contract which is hugely structured in FDMs favour. You may have to relocate to anywhere in the UK more than once in your 2 year period. The salary is really not that competitive, the main reason though is a job is not guaranteed with FDM (but highly likely) and you can go up to 6 months without being paid.
Any updates on this? Glassdoor offers feedback on the other routes, but has no mention of the Advanced route. Cheers
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