Fd Hopsitals as Med Regts Sqns.


Should Fd Hosps be redesignated as Sqns to a Med Regt.

They are Sqn sized and would at some time become attached to a Med Regt DS; in the form of a 25 bed facillity.
The combined DS/Hospital idea is used in the German armed forces and for limited, small scale operations appears to work well.  However, they have retained larger Fd Hosps too.

A Fd Hosp all up WFE is 174 Offrs and 388 OR's.  Add in the 200 patients (technically under command of the CO) and add possibly a further 50 extra staff OPCON/TACON and you typically have around 800 personnel under command.  I'm inclined to retain the Fd Hosp, but exercise detaching a 25 bed Tp or 50 bed Sqn to a DS on a regular basis.  But if we do this can we have an SOP as to who the OC and SSM will be.  The one from the Sqn providing the DS or the one from the Fd Hosp.


If 25 Beds is deployed with a DS, the Tp SSgt will be deployed 9 times out of 10 and therefore the Med Regt SSM would be the Senior NCO.

In my original point, maybe I wasn't very clear- the Fd Hosp has its cadre of 105-107 pers (sqn sized) and has its 25 to 200 bed capability with augmentation. Therefore you can still have the Fd Hosp as a CS/GSMR Sqn but should the requirement for 200 beds occurs (And we all know that will only be at GWF), then augment the cadre as usual and deploy 200 beds.

Possibly keep the TA R5 Hosp's at 200 bed capabilty and use the 25 bed facilities for the Sperahead actions and short deployments. Even in the Balkans, we only have 20+ beds, and they aren't even run by us!
One problem with this approach would be the limit to the manoeuvrability of the DS.

The time taken to drop, move and set up would be increased, and once surgical casualties are in post-op they cannot be moved. This is one of the problems with deploying Field Surgical Teams (FST) forward in the DS, and is the reason for the development of the Damage Control Surgical Teams (DCS), the doctrine for which still needs a lot of work.

The logistic requirements for Role 3 in terms of water, power, oxygen etc is also a lot higher, and much harder to manage if you push it forward to Role 2. That said, we already allegedly have the capability to deploy 25 or 50 bed hospital modules, so in theory these could co-locate with a DS. However - you're creating a very large medical facility in the BSG which is bound to upset the Brigade DCOS!

Consider too the evacuation pattern. At present in a generic divisional deployment you should have three Med Sqns with three Dressing Stations passing casualties back to the Fd Hosp in the Div rear area. If one DS is taking more casualties than the others, you can flex GS evac assets to that DS in order to bring the casualties back the the Fd Hosp. If your Fd Hosp assets deployed forward in the Brigade areas, you are limited if one brigade is badly hit. Once your Fd Hosp Sqn at that DS is overwhelmed you would have to start moving casualties sideways to other brigade areas rather than back to the div area?

What would you do with casualties taken in the Div rear area? Set up another facility or send them forwards?


Surely you would still have the flexibility to deploy the 25 bed facility where ever it is required. That is the principle of 'biulding block' med assets- as I was taught!

The logistics of the 25 bedder would be self contained, and blistered on self sufficient to the DS, you have to decide how far forward you want surgical intervention- I was always told by surgeon's-"As far forward as possible"- but obviously not to hinder the flexibility of a DS.

Reference the dropping times, my DS in GW1 was up and receiving in 35 minutes(Our record). Unfortunatley I didnt a see a DS up within the hour. Manpower was the problem there!

Maybe times have changed!
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