Fcukwit needs help

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by jack-daniels, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. How do I e mail a folder of photos? I'm on Windows XP and I'm trying to email the entire folder (contains about 50 photos) instead of fcuking about attaching them individually. Every time I click on the link that says e mail folder nothing happens, my e mail is set to BT Yahoo.

    Any ideas? Ta in advance.
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Firstly, yep, you're definitely fcukwit; no don't thank me, I'm only empathising.

    Secondly, rather than clicking on the folder, go INTO the folder and hold the control button and tap the 'a' key. This will select all the contents of the folder.

    Then click 'add' or 'insert' or whatever.

    If it fails to add all the files, then it won't work.

    Also, be aware that many email servers have a mail size limit of between 5 and 10mb. So if you 50 photo's in your email make the email larger than this, it won't work anyway because the recipient won't get the email.

    Your best option would be to use something like Winzip or WinRAR and compress all the photo's into a single file, check to see it is not over 10mb in size and then attach that file to your email. If the compressed photo archive is larger than 10mb, create two or three smaller zip/RAR files and email them individually.

    There is no 'bugfix' for being a fcukwit at this time unfortunately, and nor is there one for being a c0cky cnut, so we are both fcuked. :twisted:
  3. Or if you want to do some thing and can only be bothered doing it the once us this link


    Upload all the pictures you want people to view and give them your picasa link and they go to the link and view them
  4. Best way