Fcuking TA threads

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Griffinthe2nd, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. Anyone else had enough of these whinging, moaning, sniveling turds gobbing off about being "laid off"?
  2. About as much as we had when options for change went through!
  3. Cant say its bothered me, but I dont go out of my way to visit a forum that may annoy me, so that way I dont have to annoy other folks by bleating on about posts that may or may not p1ss me off...kinda like people do in the Naafi. :roll:
  4. Anyone else had enough of whinging, moaning, sniveling Arabs gobbing off about issues that are of key importance to TA soldiers when they have no clue what they, ( the Arabs ) are talking about?

    Is anyone actually FORCING the dullards to read the threads

    Thought not.
  5. Sorry, my annoyance wasn't meant to annoy you
  6. Stop whining about people whining you fool
  7. :D so you started ANOTHER one...way to go Griff!! Nobody else see the irony??
  8. Also had enough of cnuts like you whingeing and snivelling about the whingers and snivellers...
  9. Bit slow eh :D
  10. what can i say, its endemic amongst the pongos :D
  11. Fuck me Daffyd, you know how to bear a grudge isn't it.
    Burnt down any holiday cottages lately?
  12. Would be helpful if somebody could combine the 15000 identical threads into one. Where's a Mod when you need one?
  13. Doing C1 training.
  14. Now that's an idea Hobo-Ken, one for the Regs to moan and bleat about us moaning and bleating, and one for...wait, us to moan and bleat (I think.)

    I'm going for a lie down.
  15. Who me? No Officer >>> wipes sooty hands on back of legs. :plotting: