Fcuking spider/ant bites.....

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Lumpy, Jul 16, 2007.

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  1. Righto.....

    After spending some time in the comparitive luxury that is known as Haltern, Germany, I've come away looking like John Fcuking Merrick - covered in spider/ant bites that have swollen badly and itch like holy hell. I know they arent mossie bites, as I liberally doused my whole body wih jungle formula, issued, and Boots finest repellant.

    Is there any way to repel these little bustards the next time I head across there? The kids are scared to come to me, as 'the lumpy man is scaring me....'

    And wasnt there a repellant to have your clothes dunked into that used to be available from the QM's? Was that any good for keeping the devils at bay?


    (Very) Lumpy....
  2. petrol works,,,
  3. think you are looking for peri-pel not shure if it is still issued, part number is in the loft some where, any drain sniffers from keogh would know.
  4. So I need to soak myself in petrol? Is that general advice on spiders, or just what you'd like me to do.....Pleased I dont smoke.....
  5. working on tanks covered in smelly derv and petrol,, we only had trouble with mosquitos at haltern..they are worse in batus,,swarms of the bloody things,, get your self a good mossy net..
  6. Camp Cot
    Mossie Net
    Good anti bug spray especially around the place before you go to bed and try and keep tucked in.
  7. I've also just been told that there's a form I need to fill in and submit if I've been bitten by a Tick.....Is this true, or is someone pulling my leg....
  8. Possibly due to lyme disease this is a particularly nasty one as you are stuck with it. you may be in an infected area, if you are bitten and suffer flu like symptoms afterwards go see the med staff and mention lyme disease, if they laugh ask to see the doc as this is not a nice thing to contract. ask any stalker/gamekeeper.
  9. Permetherin, great stuff.......doesn't work if the solution is too weak though.
  10. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Haltern has not changed then....mossies used to bite through clothing there.

    Only thing that works is repellent with at least 50% DEET content, more the better but it will damage plastic and other materials if too concentrated.

    Check here: www.globetrotter.de
  11. Peripel is the stuff you require - although getting it issued for routine exercise in Haltern is another matter (check with your S/CQMS and 1 Div EHT - shouldnt be a problem). As for the tick, Lyme disease is prevelent in the area at this time of year and if left untreated would leave you twice as lumpy as you are now. Check any tick bites and have them looked at by the med centre
  12. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Not sure if you can get it through the mil system, but there is a 3 injection course which immunises against Lyme (and the other less dangerous but similiar disease). FESM I think is the German course name, I had it a couple of years ago, no drama.

    Lyme is still only really an issue in Southern Germany, but isolated cases have occured further north.
  13. Without being picky Alsacien, you will find that Lyme is a significant issue around northern germany this time of year.
  14. Take garlic supplements as well, the garlic comes odourless through your pours and makes sure mossy's and other flying things stay away as they dont like the taste on your skin
  15. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    If thats really the case in your area then you should be getting the jabs. If you are a Jerry civvi your insurance will only pay if you live in risky area, or have a high risk trade like forestry worker.

    Here is the latest risk map I could find: