fcuking seniors

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SgtMuckySandshoes, Mar 22, 2007.

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  1. just been speaking to a senior who is starting resettlement and been whinging about not getting on the council housing list cnut!
    call me stupid but if after 20+ years you havent been able to sort your own admin out how the fcuk can you possibly have been doing your cnutting job.
    Its alright to say spent it all on the lash but for fcuks sake!
  2. Couldn't agree with you more. So many people are institutionalise they expect it all to be put on a plate for them. I have absolutely no sympathy at people who don't sort their lives out.

    However i'm not totally mean and will rent out one of my houses at no more than the going rate. (which will probably be twice the price i pay for the mortagage).
  3. I am assuming you yourself are adequately involved in the property market as you write!

    If not I would advise to bite the bullet and pay through the nose now to avoid such a predicament. Or get it rented. It comes to us all at a frightening pace and lets face it there are always better things to spend your money on when in the army! Beer, women and gucci kit to name a few.

    But yes you are right. Should have been done some time ago. Not just a fcuking senior thing though. Watch Out.
  4. my dad was in from age 16 to 55 yrs,each month he put away the equivalent of an 'average' mortgage and when he came out he paid cash for his house and has no mortgage! Taint rocket science!
  5. bought mine a couple of years ago as a junior.

    like it has been said before "it is not rocket science"

    know of LE officers who have no interest in the housing game they nay regret it later but they will have enough cash i suppose & a huge pension to ease any mortgage payments.
  6. bought my first house as a private,seniors have no excuse :thumbdown: ...........unless they,ve got no pride and are happy to go crawling to the local council.
  7. notice that there are no dissenters to the common opinion on this thread - possibly because there is nothing to say that is a fair excuse for not squaring your life away.
  8. Yeah sorry bout that I spose I could have written it to enable others to comment on both sides of the coin but was so fcuking amazed that this cnut who supposedly ADMINS his troops lifes hadnt done the basic for himself(and wife,3 kids!!!!!)
    I agree it is not just senior.
  9. while I was in , I saved and eventualy bought a house , rented it out for some extra income , when I lost my first lega nd arm ( along with my boyish good looks ) we struggled a bit , then when lost the others and discharged everything went tits up . long story short.. made backrupt ,live in car ,pulled my self up by bootstraps eventualy got another house disharged my debts, now get by.
    scms, send him round to me I'll bloody learn him , he's no example to his men.
  10. Anyone making a career out of the armed forces is in the perfect position to get their foot in the housing market door very early on. Started saving through my first insurance policy when i left brats at 17, then got another one a couple of years later. Bought my first house at 26, a decent detached job in the local village. Ironically on that little estate there were a few MQs mixed in with the civvy houses, all to senior SNCOs including the rasman. They didnt like the idea of a fullscrew OWNING a house like theirs just across the road from them.
  11. Have my own house, got last year. Don't want to end up starting the housing game at 40 years old. I want to be putting my feet up at 50, not looking at another 15 years work to pay off my mortage.
  12. Damn

    Thought this was a thread about granny bangers
  13. Don't plan on having kids that want to go to Uni then, 5 years from owning now number one child is due to go to Uni this year add another 5 years for remortgaging :pissedoff:

    Still aim to be finished work by 50 though
  14. And he had to pay for all your abortions? He must have been a right boring cnut.