Fcuking School Closures

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by carlbcfc, Jan 5, 2010.

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  1. Mrs recieved a text at 12pm asking to collect the kid as the school is closing due to the fcuking snow, which unless your a fcukin Borrower will not affect you much as its 2" deep.

    Is there "panic" where you are too?

    Iceland might owe us a few billion, but I bet they do not close their schools like we do.
  2. No. Everyone here is sitting calmly in the lounge bar, waiting for the pub to be cut off like some others have been.
  3. The sons partner works in a school, which has just been closed and the staff sent home....without pay!! :x
  4. I am sure as soon as the snow hits I or the missus will get a text saying school closing. They closed it in Xmas 2008 because one of the catering staff MAY get ill and they wouldn't be able to serve the Xmas dinner and Xmas this year the after school club shut at 3 because the temperature dropped below freezing and it could snow.
  5. Since when did one of those arrive in Bde HQ?
  6. Not much chance of that happening here!
  7. What happened to the old advice of wear your wellies to school?

    In the mean time, my kids misses another day or 2 of his education.
  8. Who says I am in a Bde HQ today?
  9. The thing that really bites me is that if we take our nipper out of school for a day then we can be taken to court. If they do it it is OK, plus can I send the bill for my lost time to the council??
  10. I'll ring in a sec, and if you answer your phone....
  11. Well i ended up going sideways down a hill this morning and then couldnt get out the otherside. Anyone got a Landy i can have/borrow.

    although at 12pm when everyone is already at school seems a bit pointless unless the heating is shagged!
  12. I hope you've got my mobile number.....

    Unfortunately it hasn't started snowing here yet....looks like I'll be able to get home. Drat.
  13. Makes me laugh - Alaska, Norway, Finland, Canada, Minsk etc - they all griz it out. Out come the snow chains, shovels and Robert's your father's brother. Here? Two whole inches of snow, and out come the 4x4s to drive across the road to pick up the kids from one of the 1,200 closed schools "The Children! ...save The Children!".
    I went to try and jet-wash all the gritting salt off my car yesterday to stop it from turning into a rust bucket overnight, and all 3 jet-washes I stopped at had been turned off for 'Health and Safety reasons'.
    And yet I remember playing in knee-deep snow during school break time, wearing my bag-puss wellie-boots.
    And I love that line at the end of every single weather report, "Officials are warning drivers not to make any journeys unless they are absolutely necessary". Because we all enjoy going out in the car purely to waste petrol. Does that mean I should avoid my forthcoming skiing unless it's absolutely necessary? Plenty of snow there me thinks...

    I blame Gordon Brown.
  14. Why don't they stay in school and have a sleep over?
  15. I walked the Kids to school as usual this Morning, Its just over a mile away so the car never gets used. As we walk through the gates, I recieve a text from school saying schools closed due to the weather. Headmistress got a talking to, as sending a text at 08:50 is taking the piss. That decision should have been taken earlier and not after everyone has set off.
    Kids can't understand why schools off as to quote the 5 year old "What? Because of some snow?".