Fcuking morons

A phrase often used on this site, but would anyone care to admit to actually having done it? I have, I married one. I'm worried...what does that make me?
I got caught sticking my bits in the exhaust of a classic british sports car....

....the arrest sheet said i was trying to sh@g a Morgan!

I know ...I'm going....TAXI!
I fcuked a bird in Germany who lived in Bad Piermont who had short arms. Cant remember the disco where I met her.
I tried it on with the mong in Cyprus (Nicosia) who will be well remembered by some ARRSER's, to my horror she knocked me back.

FFS, knocked back by a mong, my street cred went out the window.
I was doing Mrs Outcast the other night and felt a bit cold on my back so I put my T shirt back on, so essentially I was fcuking with more on.

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