Fcuking Hell...

Rumpelstiltskin said:

This is criminal justice, Yemen style. A man accused of raping and murdering an 11-year-old boy is paraded through his home town before being shot dead by an executioner...
What about the marksmanship principles eh? The only one he appears to be following is "The weapon must point naturally at the target"...As for that position and hold? He could break his wrist or even kill someone accidentally.
And the kids got off from school as well. Nice.
polar69 said:
Drummer_Boy said:
I'd be more worried about the ricochet hitting me!!
If you look closely you can see there is a sandpit under him

Wouldn't fancy being the butt party that day....so to speak
Whilst the sand pit is a nice touch, what about hearing protection? :( Definately not good drills.


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If he's not careful, he could have someones eye out with that!
The soldier could have had a shave FFS. Wonder if the prisoner would have done it for a noose and a few snaps from his album?
Bukit_Basha said:
....and with at least 85 Sharia courts run by muslim f*cknuts in this country, this is a scene coming to a street near you.....anytime soon.
You make that sound like a bad thing.
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