Fcuking hate being a treated like a STAB

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Nov 10, 2004.

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  1. Ok teeth TA arms this isn't one for you.

    Just listened to several PSI's talking about the next regt weekend, why are they allowed tp organise them? They haven't got a fcuking scoobbies.

    TA=Regular Recruits

    Not !!
  2. msr

    msr LE

    So what are you doing about this?

  3. We had a problem in our unit that lasted over 10 years. Ptarmigan came in with about 10 PSI's per Squadron, the Regs treated it like a black art that we would never understand and so they took over everything including mil & adventure training. The last two years the OC and I have had to push for the TA to organise & plan weekend training but it is working and atttendences are up 'cos people are starting to get relevant training and not just making sure they fill up their minimum 8 hours. The PSI's seem to have a real thing about quality training being indicated by a late finish on Sunday.
  4. you lot should try being a " T.A ." troop in a regular regiment , Oh what fun we´ve had teaching the regs how we do thing´s . Ie proper javascript:emoticon(':lol:')!
  5. Perhaps they should all undergo some form of TA familiarisation course before they are posted.
  6. If all you are doing is showing regs how to write proper emoticons then maybe you have to much time on your hands, or am i getting the wrong end of the stick. :?
  7. what use is this apart from sending jokey e-mails to each other?
  8. This was suggested to us on the TA field firing course. I was quite sniffy. But experience has convinced me that it is something worth thinking about.

    I suppose where you have skills that are transferable from civilian employment to the Army, it is quite possible that TA soldiers will be able to teach regulars how to do it. I think that is far less likely with things that civilians generally don't do (like battle shooting, to give a teeth arm example). So on some occasions, regular soldiers = recruits.

    And I think the principle is applicable whatever your cap badge.

    Dear me, it's tiring, being the voice of sweet reason.
  9. Bitch about it on Arrse :lol:

    What can one NCO do? Its not all the PSI's just one or two who have the STAB cutlure deeply embedded in their outlook of the TA.
    Doesn't help having more operator PSI's then TA SNCO Operators.
  10. Have heard of this happening actually, a mate of mine who was called up on Telic 4 had his OC ask him to take his squadron to do a particular job as he was a civvie joiner, the regular SNCO's listened to him and his methods and a 2 week job was turned into a 4 day job because of this.

    Lots of regular PSI's sometimes need to stand back and look at things from a different point of view as sometimes the regular solution will never work in the TA.