Fcuking Cat V External Hardrive...who is the winner?

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by trelawney, Jan 13, 2010.

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  1. Ok....I don't need to be told to kick the cat...I have done that fcuking twice BUT she had knocked my external hard drive off the table.....oh fcuk it I will kick it again for the hell of it!!!

    It was connected to the PC (not the cat!) at the time but the cable was just long enough to enable itto twaat the floor fairly hard. The aforementiond hard drive containing a whole raft of important stuff now now longer works and something is loose inside.......is all lost!!!!! or can I retieve data?

    Thanks in antcipation
  2. Possibly - if the drive was running the heads may well have whacked in to the platters. You should still be able to recover most of it.

    Take it to a local expert, if you know one (or your local uni has forensics kit) - if you don't there are a lot of data recovery companies about. £100 seems the standard charge. I won't recommend any of them - I used to run a corporate lab that did this stuff as a side line so I haven't ever actually used one.
  3. Auld-Yin

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    Surely it is not that difficult to replace your porn library 8)
  4. There is always one!! :D
  5. Hopefully it just a bit of the USB to drive interface thats knackered, first thing to do is whip the drive out of the casing and connect it to a new caddy these can be bought for about a tenner
  6. try unscrewing the casing and have a peek inside first. some connection could have just gotten loose in there.
  7. Considering the information you have provided in your data recovery quote request, it looks like your SCSI hard drive may be suffering from an electro-mechanical and/or logical failure combined with bad sectors and unreadable blocks on your hard drive. In order to determine the exact cost and provide you with a fault diagnosis, we need to examine the hard disk first.

    We offer a FREE data recovery analysis to all our customers which means we will produce a data recovery report within 24 hours of receiving your hard drive which will tell you firstly whether the data is recoverable, secondly how much exactly it will cost you and finally how long it will take to complete the data recovery.

    However, typical cost of data recovery for this type of fault for a standard service with a turnaround of 3-4 days, could be £450-850 depending on the complexity of the data recovery and the level of damage done to the hard drive. THIS MUST NOT BE CONSIDERED AS A QUOTE AND JUST SERVES AS A VERY ROUGH ESTIMATE. The actual quote is given when the hard disk has been examined by a data recovery technician.

    Did a online quote thing and this was sent to me. I understand that actually this was not a quote but I then took it into Westdown Camp for one o our geeks to look at it and he took it apart...reseated something with bits of wire on it and heh ho jobs a good un! I only had to agree not to take the pi55 out of him!

    I just wonder if I had sent it away they would have been honest!

    Anyway, thanks all...where is that fcuking cat!!
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  9. Wow - that's a rip off. Could be 'cause there is almost no way your hard drive is SCSI (normally only found in server drives nowadays) but good news anyhow.
  10. Its the same colour...........but its still a bit wary of my boot :)
  11. might want to back up all your data to a "new" hard drive now just to make sure there isnt any permant damage to ur existing one, if the files are that important
  12. Backing-up his cat to a goldfish might prevent future incidents, too!