Fcuking ARGOS

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by archer, Jan 20, 2006.

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  1. I don't normally go pop .

    Went into Argos tonight at 7:30- son was 12 this week and was
    bursting to buy a PSP with his birthday money.

    Not too busy, staff were putting the new catalogues out.
    Looked up the item, yep it was there, found the game and
    hey look at this "A bundle"
    Game, console and essential kit for £207. Saving £15 or so.

    Checked the numbers on the look up thing, Yes all items in stock.

    Went to the till, gave the numbers and it came to £224.

    Pointed the bundle price out and the till lady checked the catalogue, agreed the bundle and reordered.
    No change.
    Go to customer services for a refund after you've collected the items she said.

    So we did and were told,
    That's in the new book and it doesn't come live until midnight.
    "Wrong" I said. I just got these using the new codes.
    He looked and found there were no old books out.
    "Well there are signs on all the browsers."
    All they say are
    "terms and conditions are displayed on the back of the catalogues"
    Nothing about the new prices apply after midnight.

    "There are signs on display."
    "Oh?" I can't easily see them I said.
    I used the only available codes, you accepted the codes, over charge and willnot refund the balance?

    You can have a refund and come back tomorrow I was told.

    The lad was just a part timer, 17, still at school so I left with a
    "No mate, I'll write some letters and make some phone calls about this."

    Fcuking ARGOS
  2. Funnily I just wrote a letter of complaint to Argos today about the Customer Service in their Old Street store in Central London......

    Went into buy a cordless telephone with speaker and asked if I could view a couple.

    'No, I'm to busy to stand here while you view them.' Looked up, yip, "Customer Services", there it is in big letters right above her head.

    'So, how do I see the phones?' 'You can buy it, look, if it's not suitable return it, I'll refund it, buy the next one, look at it, if it's not suitable return it, I'll refund it, buy the next one.......' You get the picture..... Hmmmm go figure!

    Argos, you really are sh*t, 'The Big One', 'The Big Brown One'

    Beebs :(
  3. You should have flown into one of Convoy's IHS rages and smashed the shop assistant repeatedly over the head with the games console whilst yelling at the top of yur voice "I WANT MY ******* 17 QUID BACK YOU SPOTTY, USELESS, RACKED OFF ******* LITTLE ****"

    Trust me, you would have felt much better about it.
  4. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    My old SSgt got one back on them though....

    He went in there and bought 2 gazeebo's for our troop. When we took then out with us on the road they lasted 2 fcking minutes.

    SO he took them back only to have to start queuing and be told that "they would be with him in a minute".

    Fuelled with pure rage ( :twisted: ) , he thought, "sod this", so he proceeded to erect the gazebo right in the middle of the shop floor!!

    "w'oh w'oh w'oh what you doing!!!???" said the sproggy, spotty and somewhat baffled junior manager.

    "I bought these, they broke in 2 seconds and I want a brand new replacement or my money back" said my Staffy

    Within 5 minutes he was walking out the shop with 2 brand new gazebos!!!! :)

    Thats customer service!! hee hee hee. I wish I could have seen the look on the managers face in the shop!

    I'm sorry to say that 6 months later they broke as well like the first 2 so we cut our losses!
  5. Their level of ineptitude is quite handy at times though.
    One christmas not a million years ago Semmy gets sent in by Mrs Semmy to pick up a gash 35mm camera for the festive season, so in I go braving the queues of chavs picking up their dodgy Elizabeth Duke bling and fill in my little form for the £17.99 wonder of Japanaese photograhic engineering. I hand over the dosh, queue for 20 minutes longer than the stated delivery time, collect my garish carrier and feck off home for a brew.
    Unfortunately the twonks behind the counter had picked the wrong box, not only that but the counter staff who were checking orders also missed the fact they'd got the wrong item. Even worse I'd binned the bloody receipt so can't return it, not a happy chappy....... Until I opened the box and found they'd "given" me a £500 digital jobbie. Result :)
  6. Whilst not exactly aimed at Argos, but lame brained shop assistants in general, a friend of mine was queuing in a chippy one Friday evening. Some middle aged business man who was so important that he thought he shouldn't have to wait pushed infront of my friend and ordered his food. My mate protested to the young lad behind the counter, who said 'sorry I've already started to serve him now, can you wait'.
    So my mates turn comes, he orders 4 large cod and chips, 2 steak pie and chips, a 2 chicken and chips and 2 sausage and chips with curry sauce. Order wrapped up after being dusted liberally with salt and vinegar. 'That'll be £17.00' says the spotty young shop assistant. '............nah' says my mate 'I've changed my mind' and walks out of the shop.

    Utter class.
  7. Why not FCUK Argos???

    Buy it online and get much more for your money!

    All you have to do is confince your sprog that waiting a day or two is worth it for all the extra stuff he/she would eventually want anyway for the same price. (I didnt say this would be easy 8O )

    Without searching price comparison sites etc, Amazon comes up with - Our Price: £179.99 & this item Delivered FREE in the UK

    Top Tip - If sprog is desperate, dont take the free delivery, pay a couple of quid for next day delivery, it's worth it :wink:

    I've used Amazon for a few years and IMHO service is pretty good.

    Hope this helps :wink:
  8. www.play.com is the best yet never had a problem free P&P and fast delivery.
  9. Sometimes Argos actually act as if real people work there though! Hubbie and I got a new kingsize bed a few months back got it delivered by the most unhelpful gits ever who refused to take it to the bedroom "You want us to take it upstairs?" hmm well yes most houses have upstairs bedrooms you know! Any-how after the miserable blokes had gone I found they had deliveerd us a double instead of kingsize at a £100 cheaper than what we had paid.
    Rang up and was told that we could have a delivery to exchange in 3 weeks!!! or a refund so I plumped for the refund not being able to cope with no bed for 3 weeks. Hubbie came home started putting bed up and found they had put kingsize bed in double bed labelled box :D so 3 figure discount lol
  10. They're right in that the new prices come into effect after midnight (going by the adverts, sale end dates, etc) but wrong not to put signs stating so, they cannot rely on presumption for starters. I cannot stand it when these shops are so quick to take your money but snail-slow when it comes to giving back whats due.
    I can probably see what happened - they were trying to save time by sorting out the promotion for the new catalogue in the shop now instead of in the morning, but in carrying out the transaction without the proper signs, receiving the goods not at the price stated and lack of alternative for customers wanting to still shop now, I'm sure they've broken a few trading rules. I think you should drop a detailed email or letter to the local Trading Standards (although I think its these guys who now take up your complaints first: http://www.consumerdirect.gov.uk/ or http://www.consumercomplaints.org.uk/ before passing it onto Trading Standards). Wouldn't hurt to copy the email/letter to Argos MDs too :wink: If you paid by card, its a pity once you got the item - threaten to stop the payment tomorrow unless you got the refund that night.

    I've done that - especially shops that have a tight-arrsed 'no refunds' policy on the back of the receipt and nowhere else 8O. Two shops in particular (Name and shame?: 1. Sells music videos games etc - three initials; 2. Sells trainers, footballs, usually staffed by watless oiks with the IQ level of duh - initials S S) had this policy but didn't state so until there was a problem with the item... the second one caught out my mum which pished me off severely. Shop staff don't have the faintest idea of the most basic sales regs - mention one of the handful of them and they get all doey-eyed. Gets me money back in the end too. :D

    Play.com: top site, cheap prices too.
  11. Argos were in breach of the sale of goods act in selling an item at a higher price than advertised, once the new catalogues are on display they are in fact advertising a price regardless of when they become relevant and you cannot advertise one price and charge another unless there is a clear pricing error such as the price showing at £2.07 instead of £207.00. In archer's situation the store had two options the first is to charge the advetised price and the second is to refuse to sell the item ( stores are under no obligation to sell ).

    I had a kick off with the manager of a branch of Toys r Us over an Xbox that didnt work on Christmas morning( 2004) I took it back and requested that the manager deal with my complaint, which I made in a calm but loud voice so that half the stores customers could hear me. The sad tosser was like a rabbit caught in head lights, I knew I was on a winner as some of the staff were smirking at his plight so I started banging on about the inconvenience of having to return the goods and missing out on extra pay for working on a bank holiday ( I was self employed and had no intention of working). I walked out with a bigger PS2 bundle ( same price) plus four extra games, a steering wheel and two DVD's satisfied at the result and aware of the example I had set the people queing behind me at the complaints desk.
  12. archer: Go back to Argos and buy another PSP. Then go to the Customer Service desk and return it using your original receipt.

    Extends the guarantee by a few days as well.
  13. I had quite a good experience with Argos. Last year I was just about to embark on holiday and decided that new luggage was in order. Went to the store and selected a new large holdall. When the assistant gave me the box I thought it was a bit large for a bag but took it home anyway. On opening the box found it was actually the primary package and it had 5 of the holdalls in it. With a satisfied smirk on my face I returned one of the bags the next day for a full refund. :roll: :lol: :roll:
  14. If you want payback I know a foolproof method to scam them.

    Buy two similar items eg two Casio gents watches, return the cheaper item using the more expensive items receipt within 16 days.

    You gets your money back and get to keep the better product!
  15. A letter has gone to the CEO asking him to help resolve
    my difficulty with this branch.

    Thoughts on some of the points raised.

    This is the first problem I've had with Argos.
    On line and counter service have in the past been good so getting
    even doesn't wory me, I just want to be charged the price stated.

    Yes I think they were looking to save overtime by setting out
    the new catalogues before close of business.
    Common sense says the shop should have been closed for trading
    so I am sure some rules have been broken.

    Lob the bits back and make son wait?
    I too spent weeks saving for something only to have it snatched away at the last moment.
    I was 11 at the time and it still burns 40 years on

    Lets see what happens now.