Fcukin BBC - not doing its bit for the nation

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by qman, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. I'm sat here in my pants eating my sugar puffs and apart from the fact that I want to do sex wee in Louise Minchin I am near apoplectic with the fcukin BBC. They are running the old 'Britain is a nation of fat cnuts' and a usual they cue some fat munter wobbling down the high street whilst grazing on a lard pasty. They never go the whole hog and show the fat 'gland' botherers face. TheBBC should revel in the fact that it is paid for by the people and I demand to know exactly who is fat so I don't mistakenly get in front of them in a donut giveaway etc.

    Who else should the BBC 'expose' and why?
  2. Closet Gwars need outing.

    A special camera on the hair dye aisle of all shops, set to zoom in on the roots to ensure no hint of gingwa.

    Imagine being stuck in a lift with half a dozen "cloaked" gwars and then the lift breaks down!!

  3. Louise minchin, how unusual
  4. pour quoi?
  5. [​IMG]

    Because she's fucking gopping!
  6. tee hee.....so am I! (and louise won't mind)
  7. Louise Minchin is f#~~~##g fit. She flirts and pouts at the cam and and I reckon she knows she's sexy. Gives me a f~~##@g boner everytime. That pic on the previous post not a good one.
    I saw a thing on Youtube where her and hubby are on one of those restaurant programmes and he doesnt like the food. Anyway, he looks like a little prick (usual small man syndrome) so I reckon she needs a f##~@? good seeing too.
    Have a look here
  8. She is not just sexy ,,,,,,she is fcukin filthy and I reckon she'll indulge in a spot of ATM
  9. Was surprised to find out the other day that the tasty Ms Minchin is the daughter of a former Company Commander of mine!!!!

    Dammit ... def missed out there!!
  10. Any links to all this overt sexual performing stuff??

    She is rats though
  11. How right you are, how right you are. Not indulge though, Give In To and boy would my bolt hammer the back of her throat. There's a manliness about her face which Bagwell finds very inspirational. Shaven twaated housewife!! Woo woo!!
  12. ATM?
    Anyway, whatever, she needs banging fucking hard. Got me thinking, what is it about these news readers?

    Is oozing filth and subliminally sending messages to the male audience that rather than reading the news, you'd sooner be spit roasted continually using men on a shift rotation between now and christmas part of the criteria to get a job on the old roger melly?

    Am thinking Natasha Kaplinski and Maria Hussein (i think her name is?). Sophie Raworth also but not as filthy as LM and NK.
  13. ATM?.....Why? It's Ass to Mouth of course.......... silly boy. Won't be so fcukin smiley in the morning then would she?