Fcuked if im going out tonight.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bad_Crow, Dec 24, 2007.

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  1. I've turned down three offers to go out tonight?

    Theres no way I am paying stupid amounts of money in taxis to go out, Stand crushed in a bar with an endless queue. Generally have a crap night that is "Too loud". Have my hand shook by people i've never met before saying "All De Best der lar" (Yes Liverpool) when normally if we even locked eyes he'd want to steel my wallet or beat my missus up or something.

    Then Freeze my t1ts off on the long walk home because i'll have fcuk all chance of collaring a taxi for the first 2 miles of a 6 mile journey anyway!

    Just call me Sgt Scrooge!
  2. No you are well right mate.
  3. Fecking hell.

    I thought The_Mentalist was Victor Meldrew :D

    You, Sgt Scrooge, are now officially Victor :wink:
  4. If you think thats bad don't get me started on my opinions on christmas day itself.

    Boxing day in Liverpool consists of "Boxing" so unless you want a conviction for ABH its better to stay indoors.

    New Years Eve. I have already planned my "Battle of Britain" night in. Twill consist of the cesna on a string that flys round in circles (For the dog to chase), the film (Obviously) and 6 bottles of 'The bottle of Britain'. Thats Spitfire Real Kentish Ale. For a real cnutish bloke!
  5. Had that at our Mess Battle of Britain do.

    Fortunately, my new year is in the Mess in (realitive) safety, with cheap beer :D
  6. Just go down your local. (Unless your local is Huyton Civic suite of course!) ;)

  7. So you know me then. Close to being my local over the crimbly period anyway, would you honestly go the Rose & Crown, Bog and gun or the car park that used to be the princess. All Some what on par with 'Harrys' and i'd rather rip my own nose off.

    The nearest bar i dont mind drinking in is Maghull, sort of speaking to the corps bloke at the gym and seeing whether it'll count as a CFT they've no chance of seeing me tip up.
  8. If only I was in Batarrse for a christmas eve you'd never forget in the Bin.
  9. Under such circumstances, staying in has a lot to recommend it!

    I put a PA in for a benefit gig for somebody at Huyton Civic Suite about fifteen years ago. Place frightened the life out of me. I used to like Old Swan but I haven't been back in years.

    Have a good one!
  10. Trust me your not missing anything!

    Enjoy yours!!!
  11. I went to the local after church ( at 3pm) now i can hardly see and its taken me loads of time to type this. happy xmas. i regret im not serving anymore. i really do and youll never know how much i wish id not taken redundancy. i wish i was still serving i feel guilty im not. happy xmas to all still serving you have my admiaralation.
  12. Taxis round here charging an extra fiver on all fairs tonight, pubs are rammed with tw*ts,
    so its out with the beers, carp on telly, and the missus playing xmas carols on her pc in the background...Perfect!
  13. nah, you're spot on. night in with bottle of baileys and the scrooge dvd for me.

    whilst on the subject, merry christmas to the fucking lot of you.

    ive spent about year now trawling this site, which i originally came to for advice on joining up (PJFT early next year) and in that time have come across people with the attitude and sense of humour that i greatly look forward to being a part of. i think it was recently opitomised in MDNs thread seeking help for his ex-forces mate. i witnessed a similar situation in a civvi environment and the response was nowhere near as moving.

    goes without saying that theres one or two nobbers floating about aswel, but bollocks to it, merry crimbo to you aswel.

    have a good one.


    p.s no, im not pissed. yet.

    (edited to add: il be posting a similar message on rumration for the help and advice ive recieved from the booties lurking over there)
  14. My advice... Say something Hetero quick!!!

    Drinking Baileys and using terms like "Moving" are starting to worry the masses.

    That is unless you are a bum bandit in which case i bid you good luck and point you in the direction of SP Coy 3PARA who will be able to get hold of the MORTAR PLT SGT
  15. well i am joining the booties. ive got my dress picked out and everything.

    but erm....anyone fancy a fight or something?