fcuk the rules of engagement check this out

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smoojalooge, Apr 16, 2005.

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  1. thats what i call proportional response :D
  2. They waited for him to fire, then returned it, where's the problem?
  3. 'Peace through Superior Fire Power'.
  4. You closet Spam!

    next you'll be singing 'Proud to be an American' and going public with your line dancing instead of keeping it your little secret

    What do you say Hank
  5. I wonder what was left of him? Not much i suspect :)
  6. Seems like one round was traded by each side. Slight difference in calibre maybe but no need to split hairs :twisted:
  7. anyone have a dustpan and brush and a bin bag?....
  8. He could be a candidate for the Darwin Award. Gota be pretty stupid to engage a tank with a rifle.
  9. Nice. One shot, one kill.

    I believe that is the same response Tony got last tie he tried to get into the NAAFI. :wink:
  10. I dimly recall reading that in days gone by some of you guys successfully did just that.

    WWII. Scottish regiment that the German's referred to as "Hell's Ladies."

    Their sharpshooters used SMLEs to put aimed fire through tank observation slits.

    This might have been at Dunkirk. Read this so long ago that I no longer recall any further particulars.
  11. Now if only we had employed those tactics in The Province in the 70's!!

    .......H 0, this is C10, contact, wait, out.....

    .......H 0, this is C10, contact, 10:15, Kellys Corner, 1x sniper, in open, am engaging, over......

    .......H 10, TI 0, 3x Harriers, your location, 2 mins, laze now, over........

    .......H 0, TI C10, target fcuked, over...........
  12. Must have been the british he was trying to shoot, as itwas only a tank that engaged him back rather than a air strike coming in
  13. Aye, bet he didn't expect a response of that magnitude :D . I remember seeing one a while ago where a certain insurgent pegs it into the road to fire off an R.P.G and gets a load of incoming to feck his day up. He is planted well and truly on his arrse, he then gets a sniper round to the bonce to top his day off nicely :D
  14. Nice one. Very handy things to have around the yard. Of particular use when dealing with chavs and other annoying urban pests :lol: