Fcuk the English

Tonight I was told "Fcuk the English" when I complained that the staff employed by the Curry house didn't seem to understand the English language on account of them being unable to distinguish between the words "chicken" and "lamb".

So is the phrase "Fcuk the English" more or less racist than the the phrases "Fcuk the Pakistanis", "Fcuk the Indians", "Fcuk the Bangladeshis" "Fcuk the Irish", Fcuk the Scots" etc

I'm more than slightly annoyed by being told this as you have probably gathered. For the record, I wouldn't use such a phrase in respect of any nation unless we were at war with them.


Perhaps he just had a very poor grasp of the English language and wanted intercourse with you?


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Well, none of those are races of course. Race and nationality being two entirely separate things. The chap / chapette who said it was massively discourteous though. I'd have been less than pleased too but only due to the lack of manners.

Edit: Not outraged.


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EX_STAB said:
halomonkey said:
If you are more than slightly annoyed, then more than slightly involve the police and more than slightly have them charged.
In progress.
Why? Would you expect the old bill to be called had you said 'fuck the Australians' or similar?
That my friend, is your opinion and quite possibly your fantasy. I, in return do not have any hassle, whatsoever in getting served in my local Indian or Chinese restaraunts or takeaways. That'll be a 12, a 16, a 156 and two lots of 193.


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If somebody, who was not erm, indigenous, so to speak, and in this country, said "fcuk the English" to my good self upon receiving a complaint about the service through a mere observation of their potentially having a difficulty with the language, and I was miffed at the lack of understanding, and the response to my complaint, I would get me message of miffedness across in a simpler language that left a lasting impression and pause for thought for the individual should they be so hasty in their ill-considered and abusive response to such a question or complaint the next time it occured.

When we are children, we do not understand the word "HOT!" until we experience the physicality. The memory of the pain induced by the first HOT! thing we touch, disinclines us from repeating the error of misunderstanding, and also enforces the meaning of the word HOT!.

So, by simply repeating the phrase "I'm not happy with your response!", whilst using positive physical re-inforcement or 'Contact Therapy' on the offendee/student-of-language should succesfully induce a negative sub-conscious link to said error, and thus avoid the situation where said error is repeated to another hapless customer. At the same time, the service to OTHER customers will improve and complaints will be dealt with more sympathetically.

As sad as it sounds, I would think that the Police cant be ARRSED to do fuck all and as the as a white english straight male, you are fcuked really.

Now if you were a Gay, black, disabled, midget, you would be quids in.
I feel pretty sure that had you said fcuk the indians, or pakistanis or chinese, you would have been released on bail tonight, pending a 100% sure prosecution by the CPS. You should have done the same!!! To late now, unless you witnesses who will testify in the morning. If you go ahead, even with witnesses, you will lose! If they went ahead from a comment from you, they would win. This country is fcuked up!!
Fcuk it, you're a STAB, pop in to the barracks and ask some of the boys to go round in uniform and ask for, "can I have some 'Fcuk the English' please"?

Rozzers have got enough on their plates at the moment, and had you infact cracked the cnut on the nose at the time, you'd have been lifted out the place and driven back home, with a Job Jobbed pat on the back.

I'm not one for kicking off racial tensions and social cohesion is important and all that, but i'm so Outraged that I think I'll go round to my local curry house now and do it for you.

Fcuk the English?!! What does he think he is... Scottish?!!!

Bawheided chant.

I Am Scottish!!! And i would not take offence at words or indeed deliver the words said. Nor would i claim racisim against you ( as i believe it is just banter :lol: ), but the barstewards in question need a seeing to son!
I would have continued eating, finished a nice meal with a load of beers and when the bill was bought over I'd have politely smiled and said, "fuck the bill" and walked out.
Just go round the back with a shovelful of shite. smear it in appropriate places, walk round the front with a spraybottle full of piss and spray inside then go and phone the environmental health.

:x Repeat first two until E.H. inspectors arrive.
Fatbadge said:
Just go round the back with a shovelful of shite. smear it in appropriate places, walk round the front with a spraybottle full of urine and spray inside then go and phone the environmental health.

:x Repeat first two until E.H. inspectors arrive.
Sounds like that is not the first time you have done that :D

Problem is that they will claim racial harrassment by the EH and more than likely get away with a slapped wrist

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