Fcuk me its humid, sweaty and superb

Very disappointed. Thought this’d be another thread about shagging fat women from the title.....
I live up in The Northern Rockies on the US side.
Unusually hot weather here in middle England, the snowdrops, amaryllis and crocuses are blooming, the totty is out in shorts and T shirts, the southern seaside resorts beaches are alive with sun seekers, and i'm in our garden tidying up and making ready for the summer months. Took the Doris to a 400 year old Elizabethan manor house, very pleasant, clear blue sky's, birds fluttering from tree to tree, warm as toast. Just to let you know over there in the colonies, that the bloody brexit 3 ring circus does not dominate our every wakening moment. Your winter will soon pass, enjoy it while it lasts. Be Well.

Be a bit warm tomorrow.
I don’t think Ireland is dealing with a heatwave according to that map!

By their sodden standards though....


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Iss bleddy warm
by yer too

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