Fcuk me, it was the french!

As much as it grieves me to say it, it looks like we actually have something to thank the french for  :(

According to tonight’s news, it looks like the int gathered for the arrests around London and the arrest of the cell in Spain (the fcukers who were going to come over and bomb Blighty) came from the FRENCH!

Oh well, there’s still Agincourt ;D
Good one the CRS

Anyway, they've still got a long way to make up for the all the times they done us wrong :<
We give the french int all the time about how no-one likes them, they smell and we all find them arrogant!
Do they listen? do they buggery!


And in gratitude are they (The French) not about to get a part of a substantial defence contract from HMG?
Thales are indeed owned by a bunch of frogs, but as a company, they do employ a good many people throughout the U.K.


War Hero
As do Orange
One good thing about France. You can shell it from Dover with AS90 without ever having to actually go there.


Is it true that the french forces get equiped with good running shoes to aid them in running away from anything they do not like ie; everything that is not French ::) ::)
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