Fcucks Sake

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by nebapneb, Sep 9, 2008.

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  1. Fcucking Murderous Chavvy London Cnutting Scumbags(IMHO)

    i'm slowly begining to lose my patience with you lot
    if you don't stop acting like pricks i'm going to have to kill you all

    not arrsers(well not all of them :D ), just the rest of the fcuking world

    the fact that him & her are unnamed means that they're probably kids,
    well under 18 at least, so it'll be 3yrs in a youth hostel then out on the streets to get knocked up again and then murder & torture another child

    then there was that cnut who wandered off from his red laboon camp after watching hostel or some shit, then pops up in chepstow and rapes some poor kid

    keep your own cnuting filth on your side of the bridge, why the fcuk do you think we charge you to come over, bastads, bastads, bastads!

    and buy a bag of fcuking crisp instead of eating baby fingers you cnuting cnut of cnuts cnutsock :pissedoff: :evil: :x :evil: :pissedoff:
  2. Birch them.

    Every Day At Noon.

  3. This story nearly made me sick. A child is born, tortured, and then killed. All that child will have experienced is what we imagine hell to be. What must it thought of the world it was brought into? Those people should be killed!
  4. Fuk it, why keep these people alive any longer than is necessary?

    I'm free on Thursday, if someone's needed to pull the trigger.
  5. Absolutely sickening..
  6. am wrapping razor wire around a pickaxe handle as i type

    edited to quote Gubmint_Agent
    otherwise i just look like some angry psycho
    instead of the cuddle bunny i really am :twisted:
  7. the only named person is a
    so unless that minority group is of cnuts aged 35 in Bromley with their chavvy murdering children...
    do you want red or brown sauce on that hat of yours?
  8. Yet again, another reason as to why i want to leave England and never return. Full of arseholes, people with no respect or decency, chavs, rapists, an ever increasing amount of pedophiles, chavs, gingers and more.

    Fuck you england i hope you burn

  9. I take it you mean ethnic minority groups.

    "Jason Owen" is not the sort of name you find in "minority groups."

    And this sort of crime is not in any way restricted to "minority groups". You find it across all ethnic backgrounds. For you to suggest otherwise does a serious disservice to anyone working to reduce/prevent this sort of crime or to deal with its aftermath.

    As for the incoming you are quite rightly expecting, I'm torn between "shallow racist tw@t" and "ignorant cnut".

    I find it hard to recommend a punishment unpleasant enough for the perpetrators of this sort of crime to be even approaching appropriate.
  10. I consider myself to have a distubing and warped sense of humour/general threshold for things.

    But this is just fcuking wrong, i've got a 1 and a bit year old daughter and I couldn't even consider thinking about doing something like this to her.

    The couple that have done this are fucking animals, no, that would be insulting to animals. They deserve a slow and agonsising death dragged out over a period of months. And even that would be too good for them.

  11. Why these Fcukers are not slowly raosted over a dying fire is beyond me. We have to put up with more and sick fcuk wa*kers doing unspeakable things to innocent people and justifying their actions with feeble fcuking excuses. These Tw*ts need a good fcuking thrashing until they are barely concious and then roast them over the above mentioned dying fire........before taking them off, give them a while to heal and repeat the process over and over......
  12. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Anyone who even remotley goes anywhere near doing this kind of thing to children needs killing. And we should have the balls to do it in this country - who the fcuk would complain. I am tired of reading and hearing about all this sh*t. What is wrong with this country - it just seems to get worse day after day.

    Child rapists, child murderers, nonces and child sex offenders and torturers should all be put to the sword, ruthlessly and in public. I am fcuking serious.

    Oh, and as for the useless fcukers who run the Haringey Child Protection Register who did actually have this poor child on their list - you ought to be fcukin ashamed of yourselves. What the fcuk were you doing letting that poor tot stay with her chavscum fu*cking w*anker 'parents' ? I hope you cannot sleep for the rest of your lives unless you sleep with nightmares from a Hieronymous Bosch scene in your head filled with screaming children you cnuts.

    IAfter a rant on ARRSE I normally count to 10 and breathe in, breathe out. I cannot. I am fcuking raging. KILL THEM.
  13. As I posted under - Words Fail Me:


    WTF? I just don't understand why you would do this.

    Quite frankly excute them.

    "You will recieve one 60 second exposure of a child murderer, targets will scream when hit, watch out! watch out!"

    Now thats one range day you won't have trouble getting people to attend.
  14. Oh dear, oh dear oh dear......

    There is/will be a myriad of people to "complain" that you have killed these things instead of giving them another "chance" at life.

    This is the "civilised" society we now live in I am afraid.
  15. Child Protection? Seems to be something of an oxymoron with London Borough Social Services these days. I fervently hope that the people responsible for failing to stop this brutality taking place under their noses are punished as harshly as the actual perpetrators. But then again, blind optimism has always been my achilles heel.