fcucking UN who do they think they are

i hate the UN,what a bunch of t*ssers,any body out there actually like them,and actually think they are doing a good job.
does seem to be a strange thread to be in the Army Medical Services forum!!
current affairs? NAAFI? Combat 17?
I cant believe you mentioned Combat 17 alongside the hallowed NAAFI... Maybe the OP is a member of you're legal or medical fraternities.

I will now back out of this forum and let you 'professional' lot get on with things.
not sure what youre going on about but thanks anyway.

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mens-meze said:
i hate the UN,what a bunch of t*ssers,any body out there actually like them,and actually think they are doing a good job.
The UN is very much like an overblown version of the League of Nations before it, i.e largely ineffective.

The principle of the organization is sound, but the reality is that the nations involved are often out for their own ends as opposed to being "united", and as such, it all turns into a bag of bollox.

There is obviously a lot of fat cats surrounding the UN as well - fatty diplomats being paid a fortune to have big lunches are argue with each other witout actually solving anything. Greedy bugger Multinational Corp bosses hanging around ready to grab the latest contract for this that or whatever and coin it in.

There is no doubt some good that comes out of it - but sadly, it seems that the good that is done is at huge expense to the taxpayers from several countries, and is massively outweighed by the bad at this present time. Too much of a pissing contest going on between the "big player" countries, everyone trying to control their own little empire.
& accusing the US of not being "generous enough" after the tsunami. Apparently rather than sending a whole carrier task force & starting to deliver aid within a few days, they should have given money straight to the UN so that they could p1ss it up the wall in hotel bills & maybe deliver some aid a month later.......

And then in the even they claimed that the US and AUS efforts were really UN efforts!

/wearing a T-shirt saying "UNITED NATIONS: keeping third world dictators in caviar since 1945"
I remember a couple of years ago the UN published a kick up the arrse for Australia over our human rights record. Apparently the government refused to apologise to the Aboriginal population for treating them beastly 60 years ago. Oh and the UN thought we were nasty to illegal immigrants.

Now I'm not saying Australia doesn't need to improve its act on a number of things but where is the perspective. With all the outrages occuring in Africa, some SE Asian counties, the Balkans etc why are they wasting their time and our money bollocking us?

A waste of time the lot of them.
Read the book "Emergency Sex (and other desperate measures)" by Kenneth Cain, Heidi Postlewait & Andrew Thomson, then comment. Yeah, lots of the UN stinks and a lot of it's policies are rancid, but this book is about people making a difference at ground level.
That UN report on Australias Human Rights violations was written by Mary Shagnastey ex president of the Emerald Toilet.
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