Fcucking fare dodgers.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by intothesilk2, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. Thank fcuck its Friday. End of the week and POETS day to boot. Now for my gripe. Now my gripe is not only for Friday, I have the same gripe all week and the subject of my gripe is FCUCKING FARE DODGERS. I see the same parasites every day of the week. They piggy back through the barriers behind an unsuspecting fare paying passenger every day and seem to treat the whole thing as a sport and they think they have the god given right to travel every day for free on the backs of decent people. Complaining to the railway authorities results in a vacant stare and answers such as, "We know this goes on and our Revenue officers are targetting these people" (C2C). What FCUCKING revenue officers, never see them eccept during the day when hardly anybody uses the trains. The scum at my local station openly climb over the fence and leap the barriers in full view of the ticket inspectors who turn a blind eye. Seems to me the railway companies have found a way to make even more profits. Get rid of all the ticket collectors therebye saving money and make more money by increasing the cost of travel. Sounds good except the fare dodging has now increased to cancel out the profit, answer, charge the paying passengers more.

    So what is the answer and what should be the punishment when these parasites are caught?. I for one would hang them from the gantry's at the side of the track with a placard around thier neck.
  2. Would they be dead or alive whilst hanging.

    Could I add the following train users to the list for potential hanging:

    Mobile phone users
    iPod/MP3 users
    The unwashed
    The over scented
    Mothers with kids/pushchairs
    The Elderly
    The Fat
    Men over 25 with earrings
    First Class users

  3. Flogged first then hung up to wither and die.
  4. Can I add the barrier jumpers at the Dartford tunnel that whizz through the barrier on the preceeding person's pound. I think the barrier should come down like a guillotine on their cars. If that is not good enough perhaps pull them over and shoot them?
  5. Seen it as well, what they should have a stinger device that only lowers after you have paid your pound, then it raises to puncture all four tyres on any car that tries it, that would teach them, or a sniper on hand.
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer


    I USED to catch trains, and it USED to cost me a lot of money - not merely the fares, but the hours that I got docked off my wages because 3 days out of 5, I got into work late because of a shoit train service. In the end, I decided it was cheaper and more reliable to drive 120 miles every day through rush-hour traffic rather than catch a train to work and back.

    Anyone who finds a way to avoid paying these cr@p train services their hard-earned money has my blessing. cnuts!
  7. Do you mind? cnuts are usefull!. AND I was present at the wedding.
  8. You forgot to add people who take thier bikes on the train. :x (not the foldy up ones there not too bad)
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Not YOU - THEM! They are cnuts, but you're actually quite nice, you can fcuk my sister :D
  10. If we're griping then I would like to add the following:

    Women who do their make up on the train - I don't need to see your 45 minute 'beauty' regime.
    Men with laptops - you don't look important just because you've got one.

    But worse of all has to be people who have tiny bags on wheels. Pick the damn things up! :evil: Ok, if you're going on holiday and have a huge suitcase but a bag that you can barely fit a newspaper in?!? At least it gives me immense pleasure seeing how many times I can kick it before you tut at me 8)
  11. If fares weren't so high perhaps you would have less fares dodged. How can Great Western charge £130 for a return to London and make people stand in the isle because there aren't enough seats ? :x
  12. Call BTP for a fare-dodger if it is unmanned or no revenue staff at a station, and they take up to an hour to turn up. Platform staff can't detain them waiting for BTP to arrive (less powers than PCSO's 9 if that is possible). Meanwhile, the train is sitting with everybody late, and the train company is clocking up over £100 a minute fines for that train (and every train stuck behind it). Is that fair on the other passengers? I don't think so, which is why I won't (unless they have really hacked me off! :twisted: ).

    I do agree though, certain companies (especially a certain Welsh company begining with A) do not bother putting barrier staff on after 7pm on main stations, and after midday on most others. The only message this sends out is that they don't really care.

    When I started working for the railway, I was amazed at the attitude to fare collection by staff at all levels with all companies I deal with - mind you, I have been accused of "infringing the human rights of vallys people" when looking for tickets in South Wales, and a large proportion of traveling public (not only the apparant chavs) get very upset when told that they need a valid ticket to travel (not a 3 day old child ticket from Reading to Reading West, or an off-peak saver on the 17.30 from London)

    I don't know what the answer is, my personal favourite is treat it like a bus or airline, where everyone enters through one door, and shows the ticket before boarding. It'd slow things up, though!

    (By the way, on the subject, before somebody asks why doesn't the guard check the tickets, the train guard has got many tasks to perform, and the safe running of the train is their main one. Ticket checking is not the priority - or even 2nd or 3rd in line. It's what gets done after the train is safely dispatched from the station, passenger information is given, issues concerning passengers that boarded are sorted, seeing where the wheelchair-bound are going & arranging assistance at their destination, telling the yanks with 4 huge cases thay can't block the asile with them, sorting out occupied seats for passengers with reservations, answering bone questions about what time we get to Bath, listening to whinges about the train being late two days ago or "why wasn't I told by platform staff this is not the Newbury train", asking control to hold connections if we are late, finding out why we are late, even when we are on time having to tell passengers we are on time, it's their watch that is wrong, and then, if there is time before the next stop, checking a few tickets :x )
  13. Biped, thats very nice of you. Tell me does she (hopefully) look anthing like your Avatar mate.

  14. 1. Reserve a seat when you buy the ticket. If your reserved seat is occupied the train crew have to find you another seat, or you can claim a refund
    2. Or travel for cheaper on a quieter train.
    3. Or buy your ticket in advance for discounts.
    4. Or if the train is too crowded for you, wait for the next one.
    5. Or walk along the platform and sit in coach A (they have to be really busy before that gets full)

    It's not difficult :roll:

    (or f*ck off and get a bus, or drive and pay the parking and the congestion charge - nobody forces you to get a train)

    It's called rush-hour for a reason, it's because everyone wants to travel then. Do you want a reserved seat on every train for you just in case you happen to turn up for it?

    Train lines in and out of London are operating to capicity, there is a limit to the number of carriages that can be pulled by engines, and, don't forget, the entire mess that is british railroads was caused by politicians.

    We can't even aspire to getting back to the level of punctuality that was present in BR days, and the subsidy will never be as low. If you have a problem with the trains, complain to your MP - who, by the way, is sitting in 1st class on a ticket paid for by our tax.
  15. Biped

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    Well, you're in luck - she looks just like my avatar, but with t!ts. :)