Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Old_Sparky_RE, Sep 1, 2007.

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  1. Gentlemen, at the moment I am posted outside The Corps and have been defeated at every attempt to find out when I should be receiving my FCR(s) (ACrAN) or what ever it’s now called.
    Have they been released yet, or does anybody know of the release date?
    With thanks
    Old Sparky
  2. Depends what rank mate, the full srews is out. signed mine last month :D
  3. lance jacks are out this month mate, gonna get mine tomorrow and give them grief about it
  4. UPDATE- Thank you for your replies, having last week returned from pre deployment training I was able to once again jump on the merry-go-round to find out where my FCR was hidden.
    After 2 days of “What’s one of them?” I finally found it and was able to sign it.

    Problem though:
    Serial 26 Not Competitive reason being … Serial 30 no CR for 2006 received!!!!!!! :x

    Anyone know when the sweeper board sits?

    edited for mong spalling
  5. sorry mate, do not know if there is one this year.

    good luck should there be one.
  6. If no CR was submitted speak to the RCMO about career fouling etc, etc because that's what it is.
  7. Sweeper boards, do they exist? In my experience the sweeper board is already done at the same time as the "normal" board, its just a list of those, by trade who came just below the "quality line", so if someone says shove your crap posting, or (likely) records f**k up, they can draw on the next best man/men/mong.
    I may be wrong(ish),
  8. Sweeper boards do exist, an old troop sgt of mine got his staffy on the sweeper.
  9. Long story… but, career foul is what has got me in this mess (IMHO, I think) by rocking the boat at my last unit, and sending the CR late was there way of revenge! Last look Cpl etc.
    CR signed in JUNE!! “Don’t worry your last unit will have posted it to Glasgow in time, signing is just a formality”!!!!
    CR seen by my ‘insider’ on Tuesday (yesterday) still at unit along with FCR!!!!
    Not going to shout too loud at the moment as I have applied for Veng.
    There all bugg3rs you know
  10. See previous, as described, trust me :wink:
  11. Good luck to the newly risen leaders of men :D